No Power, No Pillows: June inspection report shows conditions inside Parchman

Updated: Jan. 5, 2020 at 12:23 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A June 2019 inspection report from the Mississippi State Department of Health reveals the condition inside the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.

The report shows that many of the cells in the prison either had no power, no pillows, no mattresses or all three.

Black mold was also found in one of the cell showers while another shower was being used to store milk cartons.

In the report, some cells are simply listed as “inoperable.”

The report also reveals the lack of cold/hot water in the prison and that some sinks and water fountains were continually running.

Birds nests were also found in some cells along with some windows having no screens.

In the Unit 29 Kitchen report, the inspector noted a fly trap covered with flies and dead flies in the steam table.

Milk and food was not labeled or had no date and mold was growing on the door flaps of the cooler.

Prep rooms were inoperable but were still being used to store food.

In the Unit 26 Kitchen report, it is written “Toilet leaking in kitchen bathroom.”

There was also a fly seen in a pot of water being prepared to cook. After seeing this, the inspector advised the cook to empty the pot.

In a section of the report named “Cold Storage” is has written “Shoes, inmate pants, mop bucket and chemicals stored inside cooler” and that it was “raining in freezer.”

In a section named “MSP Unit #31 Food Sanitation” it says that spoiled food was discovered inside a stove and that chemicals were being stored inside the pantry.

Some washing machines and dryers in the prison were also inoperable.

This report comes as a backdrop to a tumultuous week for MDOC as five inmates have been killed in state prisons in the past week.

Three of the five deaths have occurred at Parchman, and MDOC officials contribute four of the five to violent “disturbances."

Two inmates also escaped from the State Penitentiary this week, with one being captured Sunday morning.

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