Newly-elected Mississippi Republican leaders have some policy differences

Newly-elected Mississippi Republican leaders have some policy differences

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi Republicans are making history by claiming a victory for all eight of the statewide election.

Meanwhile, not everyone within the party is in lock-step with one another.

Millsaps’ Dr. Nathan Shrader noted there’s a clear distinction in policy ideas for Tate Reeves and Delbert Hosemann.

“[Hosemann] seems to be fully committed on those issues of pre-K, on issues of school funding, infrastructure and something on Medicaid reform," described Shrader. "That runs at odds with what has been Tate Reeves positioning on those issues when he’s been in charge of the Senate as Lt. Governor.”

Mississippi College political science professor Dr. Glenn J. Antizzo notes that the state’s fragmented executive branch allows for these kinds of splits.

“Because they were independently elected, they do not see the Governor as their boss," said Antizzo of the statewide elected officials. "They see the voters as their boss and they made certain promises during the campaign that they feel they have to honor.”

Delbert Hosemann isn’t ruling out looking at options for Medicaid reform.

“Well, we’re not going to do that but you’ll see some really concrete proposals that have accessibility and affordability in Mississippi,” Hosemann noted.

Tate Reeves didn’t specifically discuss health care on election night. He said he’ll work with the Speaker and Lt. Governor on “every issue that’s out there."

But he did say this about conservative governing:

“We stood for something and that’s something. I think all elected officials must do so moving forward,” noted Reeves.

So now what?

“This is still where I see the potential, and I hate to call it a clash. It’s just a difference, perhaps, in how to implement the conservative agenda,” Shrader explained.

“There is going to have to be some compromise there if the Governor wants to get certain things done; he’s going to have to be making some accommodations for Hosemann,” added Antizzo.

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