First Alert Forecast: warm, muggy Thursday ahead of storm risk Friday

Wednesday Night Weather Forecast

  First Alert Forecast: toasty mid-week; front approaches Friday

Tuesday Night Weather Forecast

  First Alert Forecast: late Summer warmth continues mid-week

Monday Night Weather Forecast

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  First Alert Forecast: warmer, early Fall temperatures this week

  First Alert Forecast: Above average temperatures will continue into the upcoming week

  First Alert Forecast: Warmer conditions expected today & throughout week

  First Alert Forecast: Temperatures return to 80’s for Sunday

  First Alert Forecast: Nice, Fall-like day is expected for Saturday

Friday Night & Weekend Weather Forecast

  First Alert Forecast: Feeling like fall today

Strong cold front sweep through central Mississippi - ushering in coolest air so far of the Fall season

Thursday Night Weather Forecast

A cool front is moving in tonight. Temperatures will tumble from the 80s this afternoon into the 50s by morning. A few showers will also move in overnight, but no severe weather is expected. It will also turn windy overnight and on Friday with temperatures in the 50s in the morning and 60s by aft

  First Alert Forecast: BIG cool down headed our way!

Quiet, warm Thursday ahead of strong cold front due in Thursday night into Friday morning

Wednesday Night Weather Forecast

The beautiful weather continues with sunshine and low humidity going forward. In fact, we'll see some swings in our temperatures over the coming days. With lows tonight in the 50s, vs. the low of 48 this morning, we'll get highs in the 80s Thursday with more of the sunshine. Friday will turn bree

  First Alert Forecast: seasonable mid-week; much cooler by Friday

Tuesday Night Weather Forecast

  First Alert Forecast: mild mid-week; strong cold front by late week

Monday Night Weather Forecast

  First Alert Forecast: Summer-like conditions will be temporary!

First Alert Forecast: Brighter and mainly dry conditions expected for the upcoming week

  First Alert Forecast: Clouds will decrease as Delta moves east

First Alert Forecast

First Alert Forecast: Showers linger from Post-Tropical Cyclone Delta around the area

Delta continues to pinwheel over Mississippi, bringing gusty breezes and occasional showers through Saturday, into Sunday.

  ALERT DAY: Rain, wind impacts from Delta arrive through Saturday Morning

Rain, wind and storm risks increase as Delta approaches Mississippi late Friday into Saturday

  First Alert Forecast: Delta impacts likely Friday, Saturday

Far reaching rain bands from Delta approach late Thursday; more direct impacts likely late Friday into Saturday

Thursday Night Weather Forecast

Hurricane Delta is still over the warm waters of The Gulf of Mexico. Strengthening remains likely tonight and early tomorrow with it possibly leveling off or even weakening a little by landfall Friday evening. Louisiana remains the prime target for landfall, close to Lake Charles. While it will w

Wednesday Night Weather Forecast

Hurricane Delta is back in the Gulf of Mexico. It is expected to strengthen through Friday before making landfall by nightfall. It may weaken just before landfall because water temperatures are slightly cooler near the coast. Hurricanes feed on warm water, usually in excess of 80 degrees. While

  First Alert Forecast: ALERT DAYS issued Friday, Saturday ahead of impacts from Delta

Hurricane Delta to make landfall Wednesday morning in Mexico; moves into the Gulf and brings impacts locally by week's end

Tuesday Night Weather Forecast

Hurricane Delta is a major hurricane in the western Caribbean and headed for the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday. It may briefly weaken on Wednesday as it brushes the Yucatan coast of Mexico, but then re-emerge over the Gulf waters and intensify as it moves northward toward the Gulf coast. Landfall as

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Confidence increasing in seeing local impacts from Hurricane Delta

First Alert Forecast

First Alert Forecast: Delta could bring local impacts later this week

TS Delta is very close to hurricane strength this evening.

  First Alert Forecast: Nice start to the week; tropical impacts possible by Thursday

First Alert Forecast

  First Alert Forecast: Tropical Depression 26 forms in Caribbean

Potential TC 26 has formed in Caribbean this evening.

  First Alert Forecast: Nice conditions expected today & keeping an eye on Tropics

Another nice day is expected for the area.

  First Alert Forecast: Beautiful conditions to continue through the weekend

A nice weekend is likely for the area.

  First Alert Forecast: Great weekend ahead!

Quiet and cooler in the wake of our second front to round out the work week

  First Alert Forecast: We’re nice now & it’s only getting nicer!

Sneaky cold front slips through central Mississippi, ushering in cooler air by Friday

  First Alert Forecast: seasonable sunshine Wednesday

Sunshine prevails through mid-week, though a front looms to cool things off late week

  First Alert Forecast: Below-average conditions to last through the week!

A big cool down is expected through out this upcoming week.

  First Alert Forecast: Fall arrives as we approach October

Strong cold front ushering in a refreshing air mass to round out September; second front arrives late week

  First Alert Forecast: Even cooler conditions on the way!

Two fronts will push through central Mississippi this week; both will bring much cooler air into the region to head into October

  First Alert Forecast: Cooler temperatures & showers expected on Monday

Showers and a few storms possible tomorrow along cold front.

  First Alert Forecast: Big cool down is on the way

A big cool down will enter the forecast this week.

  First Alert Forecast: Another nice day is expected tomorrow

Near average temperatures are expected through the weekend.

  First Alert Forecast: clouds hold Friday; sunny periods this weekend

Beta's wake keeps clouds for much of Friday; sunnier, warmer into weekend

  First Alert Forecast: Gloomy now, warm for the weekend!

Rain will begin to taper off through the morning as Beta's remnant circulation pushes farther north

  First Alert Forecast: Remnants of Beta to cause issues overnight

Beta to bring impacts of localized flooding and a spin-up tornado risk Wednesday into Thursday

  First Alert Forecast: periods of rain, storms through mid-week

Off and on rain chances through mid-week as Beta begins a trek toward Mississippi

  First Alert Forecast: Local impacts from Beta increase from here

Rain impacts continue to be likely from Tropical Storm Beta through much of this week for central and southwest Mississippi

First Alert Forecast: TS Beta likely to bring impacts by mid week

Better rain chances are in the forecast for this week.

  First Alert Forecast: Heavy rain fall possible this week associated with TS Beta

Heavy rainfall and flash flooding could be possible around the region from TS Beta,

First Alert Forecast: Beta could possibly bring heavy rain to the area

Beta is looking to possibly bring heavy rain to the area next week.

  First Alert Forecast: TS Beta could bring local impacts to the area next week

Better rain chances in forecast for next week for potential impacts from Beta

  First Alert Forecast: Cooler temperatures expected throughout weekend

Cooler temperatures are in our forecast for the next 7 days.

  First Alert Forecast: milder in cold front’s wake this weekend; watching TD #22

Cold front moving through will usher in a cooler, drier air mass into the weekend, next week

Thursday Night Weather Forecast

We are watching a tropical system 750 miles southwest of our area. Development into a tropical depression or tropical storm is looking likely. It will meander in the western Gulf for the next few days and likely make landfall in Texas. There is some potential for it to move northeastward and spre

  First Alert Forecast: Fall-like conditions aren’t far off!

Warm and breezy Thursday ahead of a cool front dropping into the region by the weekend; all eyes turning to system in southwest Gulf of Mexico

Wednesday Night Weather Forecast

Sally continues moving inland and will bring torrential rains to areas of the southeast through this weekend. Our weather will quiet down, get a little cooler and less humid. These conditions should last into this weekend and early next week. There may be an interruption by a new tropical develop

  First Alert Forecast: Sally makes landfall in Gulf Shores; warm, breezy in MS

Sally slowly chugs onshore into Alabama; across Mississippi, clouds and sun will mix with warm, breezy conditions on the storm's western side.

Tuesday Night Weather Forecast

Hurricane Sally will make landfall tomorrow morning, likely by the Mobile and Pensacola area. It's weakened considerably from it's peak and it's not expected to regain strength before landfall. They are still expecting 10 inches of rain or more for that area. Winds will also be damaging as the st

  First Alert Forecast: breezy, occasional downpours possible Tuesday, Wednesday

Occasional rain bands possible from Hurricane Sally could bring gusty wind and heavy downpours through Wednesday

Monday Night Weather Forecast

Hurricane Sally is in the gulf and getting closer to landfall. It's expected by morning tomorrow and closer to the Alabama and Mississippi border. It will bring a significant storm surge of up to 10 feet by then and winds over 100mph possible. It will move very slowly inland Tuesday and Wednesday

  First Alert Forecast: Hurricane Sally continues to strengthen

Typical summery weather continues Monday; impacts from Sally possible late Tuesday into Wednesday

Sunday Night Weather Update on Tropical Storm Sally

Should Tropical Storm Sally follow the forecast cone, it could bring us torrential flooding rains and tornadoes Tuesday through Wednesday. The forecast models are shifting east and that may take the brunt of the system eastward with it. Expect sunny skies Monday with a few showers possible. Highs

  First Alert Forecast: Sally expected strengthen to a hurricane by Monday

TS Sally is not on track to potentially make landfall as a Cat 2 hurricane.

  First Alert Forecast: Tropical Storm Sally moves into Gulf & will likely intensify

Tropical Storm Sally will likely strengthen into a hurricane by next week.

  First Alert Forecast: Tropical Depression 19 likely to strengthen today or tonight

Tropical Depression 19 is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm by today or tonight.

Weekend weather update

Tropical Depression 19 has formed near Miami. It is expected to move across Florida and enter the Gulf this weekend. Formation into a tropical storm is likely, but a hurricane is unlikely. Mississippi is in the forecast cone, which means tropical depression or tropical storm force winds are likel

  First Alert Forecast: rain chances increase, turning unsettled in days ahead

Rain chances to increase as the pattern turns more unsettled through much of next week

Thursday Night Forecast

We again reached 94 degrees today after a morning low of 69. It may be slightly cooler over the coming days, but the humidity will compensate for that and make it feel even hotter. Expect a chance for showers to develop in our area as soon as Friday and lasting through this weekend and next week.

  First Alert Forecast: summery heat continues Thursday; rain chances return into week’s end

Rain chances to increase through the next several days as a stalled front and several disturbances roll across the region.

Wednesday Night Weather Forecast

We reached 94 degrees this afternoon, with relatively lower humiditiy. It still feels hot and with increasing humidity over the coming days, temperatures will edge down a degree or two, but it will remain in the upper 80s and lower 90s for the next 7 days. High pressure is in control of our weathe

  First Alert Forecast: summery heat persists; rain chances increase this weekend

Summery heat and humidity continue after the Labor Day holiday; rain chances elevate into the upcoming weekend

Tuesday Night Weather Forecast

We are back in the 90s again today. The humidity is slightly higher than yesterday but will only creep up slowly over the coming days. As a result, we don't expect the temperature to change much, mainly get to around the 90 over the coming days, but the humidity will make it feel hotter, closer to

  First Alert Forecast: summery heat continues post-Labor Day

Summery heat continues into the short work week, post-Labor Day holiday

Monday Night Weather Forecast

We are tracking two tropical storms in the Atlantic right now. Paulette and Rene are in the eastern Atlantic and expected to turn out to sea this week. That's great news for us, but we are just about in the peak of hurricane season where we should be seeing more storms and things are just a tad qu

  First Alert Forecast: hot Labor Day Monday; little relief in sight

Hot and bright for Labor Day and into much of the week ahead.

  First Alert Forecast: Hot & sunny conditions will continue for Labor Day

Hot and sunny conditions will likely continue into tomorrow.

  First Alert Forecast: Continuing the holiday weekend warm & sunny

We are expecting mostly sunny skies today with highs in the low to mid 90's.