Car explodes, man saves driver in Conn.

  Engine fire forces emergency landing at LAX

A Philippine Airlines flight was forced to return to Los Angeles International Airport after an engine caught fire Thursday.

  Sheriff: California school shooting plot thwarted, suspect had a list

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva on school shooting threat: Multiple students overheard the threats on campus and teachers emailed the administration

  Watching Your Wallet: Holiday Shopping Savings

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  Paramedic reunites with homeless man she helped years ago

  Vigil held for student killed in Calif. school shooting

  Israeli AG on Netanyahu indictment: 'sad day'

  Man finds 6-foot mammoth tusk in Alaska

  Work crews lining the streets of Omaha with toilet paper

There's a lot of toilet paper lining the streets of Omaha, and it is to benefit drivers in the Nebraska city. (Source: WOWT)

  145 coffins discovered under Fla. high school

  Man charged in 1972 cold case posts $1M bond

  Syracuse U. suspends students amid racial incidents

  Jon Voight dances at medal ceremony

Actor Jon Voight dances to music as President Trump speaks during a national medal ceremony.

  Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu facing bribery charges

For the first time ever, a sitting Israeli prime minister has been indicted on criminal charges.

  Republicans clash with impeachment witnesses

Testimony in the House impeachment hearings Thursday contradicted some key Republican lines of defense of President Trump.

  Officers shoot suspect after Nevada airport attack

Officers shot a suspect after a Nevada airport attack.

  Police: Jewish man stabbed on his way to synagogue

A Jewish man was brutally stabbed in what is possibly a hate crime.

  Health Minute: The reason why we hiccup

By looking at the way babies hiccup, researchers may have discovered the purpose for this bodily function.

  Animal control officers ask public to stop feeding stray dog

  Former Baltimore mayor indicted

  14-year-old girl receives alarming text from unknown number