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In celebration of the opening of

Winning Streaks Sports Bar

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 In celebration of the opening of

Winning Streaks Sports Bar


 Tradition of Mississippi Sports Profiled  Vicksburg , MS

Officials at Harrah's Casino in Vicksburg have now opened their newest non-gaming amenity and entertainment attraction – the Winning Streaks Sports Bar. The new restaurant and sports bar has the distinction of being one of the few places in the state where the public can view antique pictures of Mississippians in sports.

Copies of the photos were made possible through the assistance of the Mississippi Museum of Archives and History and the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame. The photographs span a broad time period from the 1860's – 1960's and include everything from some of Mississippi's first college varsity football teams to pictures of Teddy Roosevelt on his famous hunting trip to Vicksburg in 1902. For many Mississippians, the state's rich history in sports is not public knowledge. In order to put the photo collection together, casino officials had to partner with the Mississippi Museum for Archives and History. Virginia Perkins, who serves as the Vice President of Operations for the property was impressed by the state's collection. "The state has enough photos of sports to fill an entire convention center, so what we did was focus our efforts on those photos that were the most memorable." All of the historic attractions in Vicksburg and their close proximity to Harrah's has always been a positive point for the property and its management team.

As Pete Bonner, the General Manager and Senior Vice President for the property indicated, "Harrah's is the only casino located in historic downtown Vicksburg . This location, combined with the city's initiative to renew and revitalize the downtown has contributed to Harrah's investing additional capital into the property. We are all excited about this exciting attraction that is unique to Vicksburg and central Mississippi ."

The décor for Winning Streaks was the inspiration of interior designer, Linda Harris. Harris, who was also responsible for designing the property's steakhouse – The Range, was able to meld the rich colors used in older houses of the south with marble counter tops used at five-star facilities. The Winning Streak will also house seven different satellite signals that can air any game in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA series. The new amenity will also feature one of the largest selections of international beers and a menu that includes Mississippi favorites such as Fried Pickles and the famous one pound "Grand Slam" burger.

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