Jackson Prostitution Sting

Published: Dec. 8, 2006 at 9:25 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 9, 2006 at 1:03 AM CST
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By Julie Straw

More than 20 local men are arrested in an undercover prostitution sting by Jackson Police.  Today, Jackson Police revealed the names of the men who were charged.  Police named the prostitution sting, Operation CUPID, for Curbing-Unwanted-Prostitution-Immediately and Decisively.  That's just what they did.

The Jackson Police Department had received numerous complaints from south Jackson business owners and residents about prostitutes in their area.  Undercover female officers posed as streetwalkers in the area, particularly near the Highway 80 corridor and Valley Street.  Church Street and High Street were also targeted areas.

Over the course of three weeks, 23 men were arrested and charged for soliciting prostitution.  One of those men, Joe Earl Turner, was wearing a Mason pin.  He had officers remove it before he was arrested for obstructing traffic to solicit prostitution.   Another man arrested for soliciting prostitution said he was a firefighter in Indianola and denied trying to hire a hooker.

"They say I was obstructing justice, I mean, traffic..blocking traffic. Don't make your boy look bad. They just trying to do their job," he said.

"We are saying we are not going to tolerate it as openly and as prevently as it has been in the city of Jackson," says Jackson Police Chief Shirlene Anderson.

Chief Anderson says prostitution is a problem not only in South Jackson, but throughout the whole city.  JPD Officers say they confiscated weapons, drugs and impounded each person's vehicle.

Operation Cupid Arrests

Jessie L. Jones:  Soliciting For Prostitution / Poss. of Marijuana

Joe Earl Turner:  Obstructing Traffic to Solicit Prostitution

Sarabjit Singh:    Soliciting For Prostitution

Baldare Singh:    Soliciting For Prostitution

Marvin L. Morris: Soliciting For Prostitution

Manuel Bacallao: Soliciting For Prostitution

Bennie Rockingham: Soliciting For Immoral Purposes

Albert Lynn:        Obstructing Traffic to Solicit Prostitution

Antonio Ochoa:  Obstructing Traffic to Solicit Prostitution

Alonzo J. Brown: Soliciting For Prostitution

Sylvester Floyd:  Soliciting For Prostitution / Executed Valid Warrant

Timothy H Tillman:  Obstructing Traffic to Solicit Prostitution

Anthony Harris:    Soliciting For Prostitution

Hardy B. Smith:    Soliciting For Prostitution

Sheldon D. Robinson:   Soliciting For Prostitution

Marlon Jackson:    Soliciting For Immoral Purposes

Bernard Hubbard: Soliciting For Prostitution

Terry L. Brown:  Soliciting For Immoral Purposes

David White:   Soliciting For Prostitution

Bryan McGrew: Soliciting For Prostitution

Daniel Castellanos:  Soliciting For Prostitution

Ernesto Figeroa:  Soliciting For Prostitution

Leo McIntosh:   Soliciting For Immoral Purposes