CONSIDER THIS: Infrastructure Funding

CONSIDER THIS: Infrastructure Funding:

This week the state legislature worked together to provide necessary funding to fix our roads and bridges and other crumbling infrastructure. The two chambers have been at odds on how to address this, so it was good to see the house and senate come to an agreement so quickly on the funding sources, especially the lottery.

Mississippians approved a lottery years ago, but state leaders failed to act. That changed this week. The millions of dollars that have been going to Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas will now be spent here and go to fund improvements in our state.

Speaker Gunn, who staunchly opposes the lottery, stayed true to his word and let the system work and showed true leadership. He helped shepherd the infrastructure funding legislation in the house; the bill that was eventually approved by the senate, and passed into law.

In the end, the Governor and state legislators did their job, directing funds to be spent across the state to fix our roads and bridges and helping cities and counties with their infrastructure challenges.

Let's hope we see more of that cooperative spirit when the next session begins in 2019.

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