3 on the Road: Charles "La La" Evans

Updated: May. 9, 2018 at 7:01 PM CDT
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STARKVILLE, MS (Mississippi News Now) - His name is Charles Evans, but he has had the nickname La La all his life. He's not sure where it came from, but he likes it.  It's different.  Just like the art he has created out in his yard is different: lots of colors and shapes.

After his wife of 59 years, Louise, passed away he built a little building out in his yard near his art to display the mementos of their life together. He remembers,

"And when I finally caught her eyes, you know, Oh boy! It was kind if like love at first sight," said Charles.

It's hard to miss the umbrellas in Charles' yard. And one day, a member of a rock music group stopped by to take a closer look. He also saw the little memento cottage and was impressed with the story of Charles and Louise's marriage. And since his band was searching for an appropriate visual theme for a song of theirs about enduring love titled "Monument," La La's monument to his wife seemed the perfect location.

"He worked with this musical group MuteMath and somehow he carried this with him and somehow they used our lifestyle as a backdrop for their musical," added Charles.

Well, one thing leading to another, and making a long story a tad shorter, Ellen DeGeneres saw the video and invited the band and La La to be on her show. Along with other Ellen gifts, Charles wound up with a prized umbrella, one from Ellen, herself. It's in his living room right now, but he says it will take its place in the yard, too.

"So I tell myself in life you gotta do the very best all the time because you never know, ya know, yea. You never know what's going to happen next, said Charles."

From a bunch of umbrellas in the side yard to a room in memory of his wife to stardom in a rock video, even in his 80s life keeps bringing on new things for Charles, and anyone when you don't quit, and when you keep expecting the unexpected.

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