Suspect in Kingston Frazier case pleads guilty to accessory charge

Suspect in Kingston Frazier case pleads guilty to accessory charge
Published: Feb. 5, 2018 at 4:51 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 6, 2018 at 8:34 AM CST
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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - D'Allen Washington, one of the three people charged in connection with the death of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier, has pleaded guilty to one count of accessory after the fact of kidnapping in Kingston Frazier's death.

18-year-old Washington also plead guilty to one count of robbery in an unrelated case.

District Attorney Michael Guest says the plea deal is being offered to Washington since Washington played a minimal role in Frazier's shooting. This plea can also strengthen a case against suspects Byron McBride and Dwan Wakefield.

"Now, we have a co-defendant who will testify against Mr. McBride, that he did in fact shoot and kill Kingston Fraizer," said Guest. "We believe that this will allow us to seek the death penalty in this case."

"There are three people involved in some capacity in Kingston Frazier's death:  Byron McBride, Dwan Wakefield, and the man who's just pleaded guilty, De'Allen Washington. The levels to which they were involved vary. Each of them, at first, was charged with Capital Murder.  Allegations gradually came out that Byron McBride was the one who actually pulled the trigger, and that the other two were not present when Kingston was actually killed. They were instead charged with Accessory After be Fact to Murder."

Washington pleaded guilty to Accessory After the Fact to Kidnapping.

Wakefield's case right now is still a youth court matter."

Washington faces a total of fifteen years in prison for both crimes as part of the deal.

A judge will sentence Washington on March 26, but that depends on the statement he gives in the prosecution of suspected shooter Byron McBride.

Washington's Lawyer, Warren Martin, claims his client never drove a car that night and did not have a cell phone, only that he rode with Wakefield to Madison to pick up McBride after the car McBride had stolen ran out of gas.

"They go back to Madison with the understanding that the child has been released," said Martin. "(However) the child had not been released. It's only when Mr. McBride is back in the vehicle, they are on I55 heading South, does Mr. McBride produce his phone which shows photos of a deceased child."

The May 18 murder of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier sent shock waves throughout the community.

According to investigators, his mother's car was stolen from the Kroger parking lot on I-55, while he was in the backseat. He was found a short time later on a dead-end road in Gluckstadt, shot to death in the backseat of the car.

The Frazier's family said that this plea deal does not bring any justice for Kingston or his case and that they still worry, with Dwan Wakefield out on bond, that he too might get lesser charges than they believe he deserves.

Originally, Washington faced a three-count indictment in the case: accessory after the fact to murder, accessory after the fact to kidnapping and accessory after the fact to auto theft. Copyright 2018 MSNewsNow. All rights reserved