Blues artist honored with new headstone

Blues artist honored with new headstone

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The installation and dedication of a headstone for blues artist Lucille Spann was held Friday in Vicksburg.

"As a young girl, she moved from the Vicksburg/Edwards/Bolton area up to the Chicago area," said Shirley Waring. "She had various jobs and she met Otis Spann."

Born in 1938, she lived to sing the blues.

"When she died she did not have a head stone," Waring said. "We coordinated this effort with Killer Blues Organization with Killer Blues headstone project out of Michigan to provide this headstone for her."

After moving to Chicago and marrying blues legend Otis Spann, her career blossomed.

"She started singing the blues working with him and his music," explained Waring. "Otis was one of the most significant piano players, blues pianist, at the post war time. So, they had a very prolific career in the 50's and 60's."

After more than 20 years without a headstone, Shirley Waring with the Vicksburg Blues Society said it was time she had the measure of respect she deserved.

One of the most important things in Mississippi's export is tourism and it's based on our music," Waring said. "The blues is definitely at the forefront of that."

The ceremony took place at the Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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