8-year-old commits suicide two days after alleged bullying

8-year-old commits suicide two days after alleged bullying

An 8-year-old student in Ohio killed himself earlier this year, two days after he was allegedly bullied at school. New surveillance shows exactly what happened between the victim and those thought to have bullied him.

The surveillance video released from Cincinnati Public Schools was captured on January 24. It's nearly 25 minutes long.

A detective with the Cincinnati Police Homicide Unit also analyzed the video.

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Twelve minutes in that detective calls attention to this student who he says appears to be hit in the stomach sending him to all fours.

Then a student in the red and gray walks past the restroom, checks outside the double doors and walks back to the bathroom. Then he jumps into the face of another student, in what the detectives says is a menacing manner.

At that time the 8-year-old, who has since passed, walks into the frame with a hoodie. In the video it appears he shakes hands with a student then falls to the floor.

The detective believes the student in the red and gray yanked his hand pulling him to the ground.

The video doesn't have audio so it's not clear what the students are saying.

What you can see is the 8-year-old just lays on the floor for several minutes and other students walk past.

The video jumps, however, the detective stated that it appears the students are mocking the boy and some nudge and kick him then walk away.

Around 5 minutes later a teacher walks into the bathroom and finds the boy and moves what appears to be a trash bin near the top of his body.

Several other staff members join in and help the 8-year-old to his feet.

Cincinnati Public schools released a statement saying that the video evidence does not support that the student was beaten after he collapsed.

However, they are concerned about the length of time he lay motionless and the lack of adult supervision at the scene.

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