Exclusive: Ricky Saxton's daughter speaks about father's death

Saxton family breaks silence

YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - It's been 19 months, and we finally know who killed wrecker company owner Ricky Saxton. Wednesday, WLBT spoke exclusively to Ricky Saxton's daughter about the developments in her father's murder case.

"He was our encourager. And he was our number 1 fan," said Stacey Milner, Ricky Saxton's daughter. "You can always depend on him and in life you need someone like that and he was like that for everybody."

Milner says her faith in God and her belief that everything happens for God's reasons have seen the family through the tragedy of her father's death.

"My kids were six and nine and when we had to explain to them that it was over money," she said. "They couldn't understand that." 

Saxton owned a wrecker company and in November of 2013, went to meet someone who claimed to have a car for sale.

Instead, Yazoo officials say he encountered Johnny Mack Brown, who confessed to shooting Saxton in the head and robbing him of $650.

Milner says her father would have easily given him the money, because that's just the kind of person he was. Despite the way her father was killed, Milner says she's not angry.

"Hatred and anger and all of that is not even an option because I had the best earthly dad," she said.

Although nothing will completely take away the pain of losing her father, the focus is now on carrying out his legacy.

"My dad had a legacy and it was to be servant, to be a servant and to give back to our community," Milner explained. "You know we've started an annual softball tournament and starting this year every Penny raised will be given back to our community and that's because that's what my dad would have done." 

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