Tenants forced out at Casa Grande Apartments

Tenants forced out at Casa Grande Apartments

We visited the Casa Grande Apartments on Terry Road early Thursday when tenants told us they had 24 hours to get out. They blamed the landlord. 
"All of us have heard that she has not been paying the utility bills," said Latona Cooper, daughter of a tenant. "She will not answer any phone calls."
But after that, the situation quickly spiraled downward. Tenants called us back to the scene Thursday afternoon. We found them standing outside amongst their appliances. 
"Just came in not too long ago, they took all my stuff," said Leheta Bragg. "I had to get everything out on the floor, on the counter, they took my stove."

Tenants say crews pillaged their apartments whether they were home or not.

"It's a doggone shame," another tenant tells us. "They kicked the door open and came in." 
Residents are left helpless. 
"We're having to move say immediately. I don't even have a way to move," says Sharon Henderson.

"It has put us in financial ruins," added Henderson's daughter, Angela Stricklin.

The City of Jackson tells us the apartment complex has an overdue water bill for $11,000. That appears to be what has led to the hasty shut-down. We tried to contact Casa Grande's landlord, but no one is in the office full-time and she couldn't be reached.

The City of Jackson issued this statement:

"The City has been working with the apartment complex's management in dealing with their consistent nonpayment of their full water bill, which currently exceeds $11,000. Since 2011, we have worked with them to establish payment plans to help the owner catch up on past due bills. However, they still haven't met the terms of the payment plan. All water-sewer customers, both individuals and corporations, are held to the same standard of accountability.

The managers of the apartment complex have a responsibility to the tenants who pay their rent in good faith. A payment to the City has not been made on the account since April 29, 2014, after a work order was issued to disconnect the services. The City has done everything within the scope of its authority to assist the customer and collect the revenue."

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