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Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee & Tea Company

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Like many business ideas the idea Raymond Horn had for cold brewed coffee was born out of a personal passion and something he enjoyed.

"Started making it for my co-workers and everybody loved it and they said you should sell it," Horn said.

At the time Horn was a server at Table 100 in Flowood and he took their advice. 18 months ago he started making large batches of cold drip coffee and chai tea, and selling it under the banner, "Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Company".

Just getting himself established he developed a following at local farmers markets.

"When I started going to the farmers market I got a lot of, 'oh no, I don't drink iced coffee,' Horn recounted. "The farmers market was so good for me, because I could give everybody a little cup to taste and I converted a lot of people."

Not to be confused with iced coffee, which is hot brewed coffee on ice, cold brew requires patience.

"Need a little more time, so you don't have heat, so you need to have the coffee soaking for a longer period of time, usually 24 hours to 36 hours," Horn said.

The lower acidity and caffeine potency means Horn has plenty of confidence in his coffee concentrate, but he has received help along the way. Steve's Deli in downtown Jackson offered Horn their kitchen on weekends while friend Pembroke Bonham bottles.

Also helpful, a culture of customers who takes pride in supporting local entrepreneurs.

"I've never seen a place so loyal to Mississippi products," Horn said. "People go out of their way, chefs go out of their way to come down to farmers markets."

Now, Horn's bottled coffee, tea and homemade sweetener "Ray au Lait" is available beyond the farmers market. McDade's and Ramey's grocery stores put it on shelves in the metro, and a handful of other markets carry it in Hattiesburg and Ocean Springs.

Several restaurants such as Table 100, Babalu in Fondren and Memphis and The Manship in Jackson use Horn's cold brew for various menu items.

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