Drip Drop Coffee Shop - Business Matters

Drip Drop Coffee Shop - Business Matters

RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) - When Drip Drop Coffee Shop at 1055 Highway 49 in Richland opened in April it was a dream come true for first time business owner, Darron Hinton.

"I was asleep at night and I saw myself in a coffee shop, and customers were walking around," Hinton recalled. "And I looked out the window, I saw a sign outside that said 'Drip Drop Coffee Shop'."

The literal dream is not completely out of the blue for Hinton. He loves coffee and through his bartending background interacting with customers. And, he also loves the idea of creating a focal point for the community by combining espresso and art.

"I want a coffee shop with great, quality coffee first, and art, music and different events going on," Hinton said.

Drip Drop seems to always have something going on. The coffee bar has become a fundraising platform for Abby Grace Butler, who is battling leukemia.

Hinton emphasizes giving back through charitable drives for the Butler family, but he also uses Drip Drop to give notice to local artists.

For instance, the incredible portraits of famous music artists decorate the walls of Drip Drop courtesy of 16-year-old Florence High School student Patricia Nance. Hinton also welcomes in portrait illustrator Roger Leonard Long to host classes at the shop every Thursday.

"A lot of kids and adults in general need to be recognized for their talents," Hinton said.

Happy to showcase others talents, the artistry of fusing flavors in their creative coffee drinks is not lost on customers. They have lattes and frappes with a range of flavors all with creative titles, such as "Wall Street Blues" and "Holy Grail".

After only four months in operation the efforts being made on both sides of the counter has Hinton confident in his cafe.

"We could have went into a franchise with someone, but we said with the name we have and the vision we have, I feel like it is just as strong as any coffee shop in the country," Hinton said.

In addition to himself, Hinton is able to employ four people, including two baristas at Drip Drop. He anticipates bringing on some extra help when coffee season ramps-up in the fall.

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