A Focused Brain - Business Matters

MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Three years ago this month, a Madison occupational therapist stepped out on faith to open her own clinic to help those living with neurological disorders. Lisa Poe opened A Focused Brain to provide therapy for a wide spectrum of patients in August 2011.

Poe and her current staff of one full-time therapist and another part-time therapist treat a variety of people.  From children with ADHD, to adults trying to rehabilitate following a brain injury, to people with no diagnose using mental exercises to improve brain function.

One of Poe's main methods to achieve results for her patients is Interactive Metronome, or IM. Poe is the sole licensed provider of IM in the state and it measures and individuals response to stimuli down to the milli-second.

"Biometric technology tool that measures timing, and timing is a very critical factor in human performance," Poe explained.

IM prompts a participant to respond to a sequence of tones by tapping and stepping. Exercises can become more complex by incorporating catching and throwing a ball.

Like many therapies offered at the clinic they are all designed to develop attention, focus and motor coordination.

While it helps a child with ADHD improve their ability to focus the same exercises is used by stroke patients trying to regain movement.

"The brain is re-mapping or re-learning to use that extremity," Poe said.

Poe has done her own share of learning in recent years, as she decided to transition from employee to business owner. After nearly 20 years as an occupational therapist she received "a call" to open her own clinic.

"I heard the Holy Spirit tell me, you and John, who is my husband, can do this as a practice," Poe recounted.

Even though it was something she had never considered before, through faith she opened A Focused Brain in Ridgeland three years ago.

Then this time last year, in need of more space the clinic moved to their Madison location on Old Canton Road. It was at the same time that John Poe got on-board, and as it turns out the Poes made a good team.

"And I told him when you come on I want you to take care of all the insurance, because I was doing everything myself and it was just way over my head," Lisa Poe said. "And I said this is your job. Just let me have my kids and my adults. Let me love on them, and just work with them and treat them."

Through technology the patients Lisa Poe can reach do not have to be local. In fact, with her expertise in IM she has treated patients over the internet as-far-away-as Trinidad and the Czech Republic.

"As long as they can speak English and understand my southern accent I can work with them," Poe said with a grin.