Belhaven theft caught on camera

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - We have obtained Youtube video of a crime going down in Belhaven. The cameras show a guy stealing property right off the front porch in broad daylight.

No one wants to chain down patio furniture on the front porch, so as it develops, there is nothing like a few friends and the power of social media to help catch a crook.

We begin with an unwelcome visitor. Driving what appears to be an older model Crown Victoria. The unidentified subject casually walks up to a home on Poplar Street in Belhaven. Then he surveys vintage patio furniture.

Little did the thief know, the owner had just purchased an inexpensive camera security system and installed it easily himself. With his laptop or iPad he can monitor his home from anywhere in the world. Then he posted it on Youtube.

You see the guy leave, all the while checking out his surroundings. Then he backed his car up and around the corner to avoid the obvious.

Cameras catch him jumping on the front porch and stealing 3 chairs and a glider. With his trunk up and loaded with stolen goods he slowly drives out of the Belhaven neighborhood to sell it.

Ironically a local used furniture dealer saw the video and recognized the thief who sold the stolen patio furniture to him recently. He contacted Brian Perry on Youtube and now police are tracking the subject down.

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