Foster Care Allegations

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A Jackson mother says she wants answers about her four children who are in foster care in the custody of the Department of Human Services. She sent WLBT pictures of her two sons, one with what appears to be rope burns on his neck. 28 year old LaKendra Travis says she was told it was an accident.

This is one of four pictures LaKendra Travis sent to WLBT. She says this is her 7 year old son, who has ADHD and a genetic history of bi-polar disorder. She says it is a condition that results in problems with his behavior.

"The only way I'm getting him to cope with the things that have already happened to him was to love him through it, and we fought as a family, myself and Mr. Travis have been together for 3 years and we've been fighting together as a family to gain control of our household and to get them on track, which we did," said LaKendra Travis.

Travis says her four children, 3 boys who are 9, 7 and 2 years old and her 4 year old daughter were taken into the custody of the Department of Human Services,  August 3rd. She maintains the children were taken when criminal charges were filed after a family dispute. Travis insists there have been no charges of child abuse.

"We are willing to comply. We're willing to go through the stipulations. We're not asking for any special treatment or to expedite them back to us. I just want things to be done in order,  so that they will not suffer," Travis said.

She saw this injury to the 7 year old September 10th during a visit. Travis was told it happened during a game of tug of war with a rope.

"He said that it happened when he got too close to a rope and the social worker suggested when she saw him it was tug of war," said Travis.

Travis also sent pictures of her 9 year old son who says he got these cuts to his face from something sharp in his bed at his foster home. Travis is also concerned he is not getting proper treatment for eczema. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, which is oppositional defiant disorder.

"I can't just stop, I want to fight for my kids, I'm gonna continue to fight for my kids," Travis said.

Travis and her husband were married August 8th and are now waiting to go back before a judge to regain custody of the children.

"I can't say that I'm afraid because I really don't want to think something is actually going on. I really am hoping that nothing is," said Travis.

DHS did send us a statement in response to LaKendra Travis' complaint. Mary Redding a Regional Area Social Work Supervisor sent us an email saying DHS will be conducting an investigation into the allegations.

Redding also said DHS has a special procedure for conducting investigations that they adhere to when allegations are made. We were also told by DHS officials any claim that a child is being mistreated or harmed is taken seriously and investigated.

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