Isaac could stir up remnants of the BP oil spill

As coastal residents dodge the wind and water from Tropical Storm Isaac, there is another threat approaching the gulf's shores. With Isaac muscling his way over the gulf, what he's doing is churning all that water from top to bottom and everything in between. It's what's at the bottom that has a lot of people on the Gulf Coast concerned, potentially millions of gallons of oil from the BP spill.

All but invisible now, many believe it's still down there and now headed for shore.

"If there was a lot of oil that was submerged and was on the bottom obviously this surge is going to churn it up and deposit it on the beach and we'll have to get out there and get that cleaned up," said Governor Phil Bryant.

With another BP oil assault on Mississippi beaches likely, Governor Bryant expressed his concerns on the phone with president Obama. Bryant says plans are underway to deal with the oil.

"Contracts have been left with individual companies that have removed it before, people that have had that experience we've got to get out there and get it off the beach. BP will have to pay for that."

Exactly how much BP oil is anybody's guess as it how much will be blown ashore and what the environmental impact will be. But officials here say they'll have a better idea once Isaac leaves the coast. 

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