Man charged with hitting child tells his story

Published: Jul. 20, 2012 at 1:13 AM CDT|Updated: Feb. 19, 2013 at 1:36 AM CST
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Jamie Williams says when he picked up his one year-old daughter up from daycare Monday she had two busted lips, bruises, and a bite mark. Williams says he took pictures of his daughter after returning home from Kiddie City Childcare Center on Monday.

"Everybody is trying to make me out to be a monster. You know, it wasn't like that. Like, what would you do if your kid was abused at daycare? Would you just talk about it or would you take action? You know, I ain't saying what I did was right you know…actually it was wrong. At that point in time, you know, I couldn't tell it," says Williams.

Williams says he became really upset when daycare workers couldn't provide an explanation as to why his daughter had been injured.

'She (the daycare worker) couldn't tell me anything, you know what I'm saying? But everybody in the classroom pointed to the little boy. You know, I was kind of angry at the time. So, I just slapped him upside his head like don't be doing my daughter like that. You know what I'm saying? I ain't trying to hurt the child or nothing. You know what I'm saying? I got children too."

The 29 year-old Vicksburg man says he wished someone else would have picked up his daughter.

Williams describes how he hit the child.

"I didn't really just cock back and try to hurt the child. I know the child is still a child, you know, but at that point in time I had to do something. I had to hit him a little bit. You know, quit hitting my child man. Don't be putting your hands on my child like that. You know, I ain't try to hurt the baby. I know he a baby, he at a daycare."

It's little comfort for Tyiesha McGowan and her six year-old son, who was hit. McGowen filed charges against Williams.

"He's six years-old and don't nobody's child…they go to daycare, you know, what I'm saying to learn and enjoy they self at daycare, but it's not right for you to have to wonder…"Well, I wonder what's going to happen to my child today at daycare," says McGowan.

Williams says there is video surveillance of the incident. He also believes there is video of his daughter being injured.

'We can't see no tapes of him hitting her. It's just me hitting him."

Kiddie City Childcare Center denied WLBT's request for video of the incident.

Williams says he didn't know the children were cousins at the time of the incident.

His court date is set for later this month.

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