Man arrested for slapping 6 year old at daycare

A Vicksburg man was arrested after a bizarre attack at a daycare center Monday.

The adult male slapped a kindergartner in what investigators believe was in retaliation for an incident involving his toddler.

Tyiesha McGowan said she was alerted Monday evening by a parent at her son's daycare center that her six year old had been attacked by an adult man.

Surprisingly, it was the father of her cousin's young daughter, a three year old, who also attends Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg.

Officers arrested Jamie Williams, 29, for slapping kindergartner Arthur Brown Jr.

McGowan, who filed charges, saw the surveillance video and said Williams struck her son across the face causing him to stumble backwards.

"He hit me in the head," said little Arthur who did not go to daycare Tuesday.

"Him and his friend pulled up and jumped out of the car like they were fixing to go fight a gang of grown men, and they have it on tape. The other boy that was with him distracted the people that was in the daycare to let him go back there and slap my child," said Tyiesha McGowan.

The 27-year-old told WLBT that the child's mother, her first cousin, sent Williams to the daycare center.

"He thought my son did something to her, and I was informed that she hurt herself at daycare," said McGowan.

"This is a first for me, and I think it's ridiculous that a 29-year-old man would stoop that level," said Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

The city's chief said he has never seen anything like this in his law enforcement career.

"He was saying that you're the one who pushed my child...This was because of an altercation that happened at an earlier date with is daughter and a six year old," said Armstrong.

Investigators said thanks to daycare surveillance video they were able to quickly arrest Williams.

Chief Armstrong said officers found Williams cowering in a bedroom closet when he was taken into custody.

Jamie Williams is scheduled to make his initial court appearance Wednesday.

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