Old plantation house in Warren County coming down

WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A plantation house dating back to the 1830's is about to be torn down in Warren County. The Ceres Plantation Home, which has been owned by Warren County since 1986, is located near the Flowers exit off Interstate 20.

While the original structure dates back to the 1830's, historians say it has been added on to, according to the Vicksburg Post, which has caused it to be rejected twice for landmark status. Wayne Mansfield of the Vicksburg Port Commission, which oversees the property, says antique brick and lumber company of Bogalusa, Louisiana will start dismantling what is left of the two story house, two barns and fences on the 41 acre site later this week.

The property is in supervisor John Arnold's district. He was elected to the Warren County Board of Supervisors about a year ago.

Arnold was asked how he felt about tearing down an 1830's plantation house.

"I'm not sure how I feel about it, they made that decision and probably a very wise decision," said Arnold.

Arnold says he doesn't question the decision to tear down the house because the board decided on the action before he was elected.

Supervisor Bill Lauderdale of Warren County District 4 says they tried to find a use for the old house before deciding to tear it down.

"We tried very hard to promote some businesses that would utilize that old home, but  one of the reasons why we kept the name Ceres out there, having the plantation idea, but it just didn't work," said Lauderdale. "We tried all we could, but it just didn't pan out so, we had to demolish it."

Tearing this 1830's house down is controversial in Vicksburg. We talked to several people who are opposed to it, but we couldn't get anybody to talk on camera. So, they will start dismantling it later this week.

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