Fugitive surrenders to Bert Case while WLBT cameras are rolling

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - What started off as a stand-off with a 57-year-old Madison County man Thursday afternoon, ended Friday after he surrendered while WLBT cameras were rolling.

Rodney Wayne Hill, the man wanted in connection with an overnight standoff in Madison County, was arrested while doing an interview with WLBT on Friday morning.

Hill was wanted for pulling a gun on his neighbor.

Hill approached the WLBT crew while we were getting pictures of the house on 399 Davis Crossing Road, near Way Road. WLBT Chief Photographer alerted photographer Tracy James to call 911 and inform Madison County authorities that Hill was at the location.

Hill came out of hiding with his hands up about 11:40 a.m. Friday morning.

Hill told the WLBT crew about spending the night in the woods surrounded by SWAT teams. Officers were talking with him on a cell phone and believed he was still in the house.

"They broke in my house last night sir, the police did. They came out about 15 deep sir. I'm scared to death sir, been hiding in the woods all night sir," Hill said.

We asked Hill if he was inside the house when the officers surrounded him.

"I crawled out sir and went into the ditch," Hill added.

"If he had done that (surrendered) in the beginning, we wouldn't had to go through all that. All we wanted to do was help the man," Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said.

"We can't let people pull guns on each other in the community. I took an oath to protect people and that's what I intend to do," Sheriff Tucker added.

Sheriff Tucker found that Hill had some high powered rifle bullets in his pocket. He was taken to the Madison County Sheriff's Office for booking and then to a hospital.

Hill said he has had two heart attacks.

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