More issues with Airwave/Northstar Wireless

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Raymond Police Chief Jason Crotwell says back in August, he ordered five portable radios,  along with one mobile radio for a cruiser, and one bay station for the Raymond Police Department. He ordered the E.F. Johnson radios through Nathan Hargrove of Northstar Wireless.

But by early October, the radios still had not arrived. "I was told there was a problem with batteries at the factory. The factory would not ship the order without the batteries. I've since talked to one of the reps from E.F. Johnson. They've told me they were not going to ship the radios because E.F. Johnson was no longer in partnership with Northstar Wireless," he says.

Chief Crotwell tells us it appears Hargrove was untruthful with him, and he hopes he won't have to begin the approval process all over again, which could take longer than three months.

Currently, his department has just five radios for ten officers. "We'll just keep making do with what we have," he says, adding that he might order radios directly from either E.F. Johnson or Motorola.

Meanwhile, at this week's Board of Supervisors' meeting, Supervisor Peggy Calhoun had questions for Hargrove about the services outlined in a $4 million contract the county has with Airwave, LLC. Northstar is a subcontractor for Airwave.

Calhoun is asking for documentation that Northstar is servicing the radios utilized by the City of Jackson. She says, "Airwave, LLC subcontractor, Nathan Hargrove, has stated they provide daily service and maintenance for mobile radios that are utilized by the City of Jackson. I have received conflicting information which was the impetus to the questions I posed to Mr. Hargrove during the board meeting this past Monday. I look forward to receiving the documentations I requested of Mr. Hargrove. These documentations, if they exist, should ultimately resolve this issue. If no documentation is forthcoming, I will request the board to move forward with an investigation of these very important public safety issues."

Jamie Travis, attorney for Airwave and Northstar, says they are working on compiling the documents that are going to be responsive to Supervisor Calhoun's request.

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