MDOT upgrades traffic monitoring system

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - MDOT has a new website that allows you to monitor traffic utilizing over 400 cameras across the state. With a state of the art upgrade to the system, it's now possible to create your own route to avoid potential traffic delays.

From a control center on North West Street, in Jackson, the Mississippi Department of Transportation can now look at over 400 cameras, which are statewide and digital. They can monitor traffic flow in real time.

The system is so sophisticated you can create your own route and determine if it is open.

The control central also has access to signs like this one on I-55 in Jackson, just south of Meadowbrook Road, which can be used to warn motorists of problems ahead.

The system is in operation from six a.m. Until 8 p.m. But will go 24 hours in times of hurricane emergency. It can be accessed from smart phones as well as computers.

Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall is real proud of the $45 million dollar system.

"Today we're announcing a significant upgrade to MS Traffic" said Hall. "As a result of these updates, and this is the exciting part for me, the individual commuter now will be able to create his or her own personal account and you create your path, your route of travel and will receive notification for just that particular route."

"Our operators monitor this video all day long, and they're looking for any impediments to the flow of traffic" said John Gilligan, Operations Manager of the Statewide Traffic Control Management Center.

It is a system that started with 12 cameras in 2001 and has now expanded to 400 cameras and is still growing. You can access it at

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