Seismic testing for carbon dioxide search

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Denbury Resources out of Plano, Texas is wrapping up seismic testing in the metro area.

Recently, the company has been using a different method to search for carbon dioxide, which can be used to make old oil wells produce again.

But, Denbury Resources has enlisted the help of local law enforcement.

Some people have noticed the small red devices alongside roads in the metropolitan area, recently.

They are seismic listening devices.

Instead of using dynamite explosions, as Denbury has done in the past in this area, these are much more sensitive listening devices listen for vibrations sent into the earth by trucks which were working in the Madison area this week.

By reading the information from the devices, Denbury is able to determine if it would be worthwhile to drill for carbon dioxide.

"The seismic part of it is, we put some energy in the ground, that energy is reflected back and through the devices you see here in the Jackson area and then we put more back down, recover that data and see where the CO2 is Bert," said Gary Stewart with Denbury Resources.

Residents may have noticed local police departments, assisting the Denbury trucks while they are working. Clinton Mayor Rosemary Aultman said Denbury paid the City of Clinton to assist them.

"Our permit does call for the police department to be accessible to help in traffic control, and that kind of thing, in the process of putting them out, or when you are moving them around," Mayor Aultman said.

Denbury plans to have it's latest seismic work complete in the metropolitan area by the end of the week.

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