Deryl Dedmon back in jail

Deryl Dedmon Source: JPD
Deryl Dedmon Source: JPD

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - WLBT News was in the courtroom Wednesday when bond was upped for a Brandon teenager accused in a deadly hit and run.

18-year-old Deryl Dedmon was free on a $50,000 dollar bond. Following evidence introduced in a bond revocation hearing, the same judge hiked Dedmon's bond to $800,000 and house arrest. He is charged with murdering 49-year-old James Craig Anderson. A man who happened to be going to his car in the parking lot of a west Jackson motel at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning June 26.

Revealing new information in court, a detective testified that two girls in the truck with Dedmon gave statements that he ran down Anderson after assaulting him. Surveillance video captured the entire incident. The Hinds County District attorney said after court, "The video tape speaks for itself. He intentionally ran over and killed the victim."

Testimony revealed another teenager riding with John Rice received a call from Dedmon who allegedly said, "I just ran that (n-word)  down."

Jackson attorney Winston Thompson III, who is representing the victims family, called it a racially charged hate crime. District Attorney Robert Smith suggested the same. "A witness suggested that after they ran over him, that they were laughing and yelling out the window. Have you seen that on videotape?" He replied, "We do have information that they were rejoicing at killing the victim and so we will present that evidence at the right time as well."

While Dedmon's friends and family appeared stunned by the substantially higher bond, the victim's family was satisfied hoping he can't get out of jail.

According to Thompson, "If he makes that $800,000 dollar bond he can go home on house arrest, if not he will be in jail."

Dedmon's attorney's attempted to prove the Brandon teen was not a flight risk and not a danger to anyone in the community. 18-year-old John Rice was also charged with murder. He was denied bond. If Dedmon makes bond, he can only leave his home with court permission.

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