Home built levees holding so far

CARTER, MS (Mississippi News Now) - When we first met Ed Jordan and his wife Beth, May 4th, they were moving everything out of their house in Carter, and taking it to a rented house in Gluckstadt.

They were thinking then they would lose everything in the Great Flood of 2011. Later, Ed decided to build a levee around his house at a price he doesn't wish to discuss publicly, and hope he could save it. So far, it has worked, but the water is still rising slightly.

He is grateful for the success of the levee.

"Feels great Bert, I mean it's not leaking yet. It's had water on it for two days. Seems to be holding well," said Jordan.

He thought back then he would lose crops, worth a $1million dollars on his 2,000 acres where he is a fourth generation farmer. He estimates his losses much higher now.

"I mean it's going to be $2 million dollars probably," Jordan added.

We would not have been able to get to Ed's house without the help of Sheriff Thomas Vaughan of Yazoo County. You see the Highway 49 Bridge is blocked off as you start over it, because up the road water covers the roadway ahead. Sheriff Vaughan estimates a third of Western Yazoo County is under water, and his greatest concern is looters.

Up here everybody knows their elevation above sea level and the numbers about how high the water will come.

This levee is built to 109 and a half feet above sea level. The water has risen to 106 so it is working perfectly thus far.

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