Yazoo farmer builds levee

By Bert Case

CARTER, MS (WLBT) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says water will reach a height that is just enough to ruin some houses. So Ed Jordan is building a levee around it to try to keep the water out.

He has already had to move his family to Gluckstadt to a rented house for the duration of the flood. He is losing about a million dollars worth of crops already planted.

"The value I will lose, well it's in the millions, and especially with the rising price of commodities, I don't know. It's just not easy," said Ed Jordan. "I just can't imagine what's gonna happen, have to laugh to keep from crying I imagine."

Jordan is a fourth generation farmer in Carter and also operates a general store.

"This store was built about 1904, and it has a mark in it of where the 1927 flood came."

Just down the road another levee is being built at Carter's aunt's house. She is 86-year-old Katherine Jordan.

Her son Bernie Jordan is having a levee built to 109 feet above sea level. Water is expected to reach 107 feet, and the house is at 102 feet above sea level.

Also living nearby is a third generation of a family from this area. Rob Hines is building a levee around the old family house.

"My father was born in that house," said Hines. "So we built this levee."

Ed Jordan's house floods at 107 feet above sea level, which is exactly where the water is expected to come. He has built a levee that is up to just above 109 feet, hoping to keep the great flood of 2011 out.