Two Brandon teens in jail after prank on rival high school

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PEARL, MS (WLBT) - The Pearl High School verses Brandon High School is a rivalry that dates back to 1949.

"It used to be a rivalry so bad the cheerleaders didn't get along.  There was going to be fights," said former Brandon High School football player Purvis Green.

Cheering fans packed the stands Friday night, but hours before staff from both Pearl and Brandon schools were scrubbing spray paint out of the new astro turf.  Big paw prints and the letters B H S were scribbled in bright red spray paint all over Pearl High School's new field.

"You know 15, 16, 17 year old kids, you can imagine how upset they were because us old folks was upset as well," said Pearl High School Head Coach John Perry.

Pranks before the big game are nothing new between the two schools.

"Pranks are part of the rivalry.  It kind of adds fuel to the fire," said Brandon fan Jason Scarborough.

"Those kind of things go on in the Brandon-Pearl rivalry.  I'm not going to say that years ago Pearl kids didn't do it then either," said for Pearl High School football player Gavin Gill.

"Some people get carried away and it's just unfortunate," said Brandon fan Andy Mullins.

Brandon High School officials launched an investigation and said they found the students responsible.  17 year olds Tyler Dearman and Adam Cook were arrested at school.  They are both charged with felony malicious mischief.

"They'll learn their lesson.  I'm going to say that will cut down on this stuff in the future because it is not like it used to be when you vandalize a field and you go out there and cut the grass and knock it off.  I mean we can't cut the grass and knock it off.  It's a pretty big deal knocking it off," said  Coach Perry.

Brandon Principal Buddy Bailey said Cook and Dearman will also face consequences at school.

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