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Better Than Ezra performs live Saturday June 7th, at 11pm, at  Hal & Mal's and you could get in FREE thanks to WLBT.

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Better Than Ezra performs live Saturday June 7th, at 11pm, at  Hal & Mal's  located at 200 South Commerce and is presented by WYOY Radio.

Tickets are $17 advance and $20 day-of-show.  Tickets can be purchased in advance through your friends at BeBop Productions. Just call 601-977-0555 or go to any BeBop store location.  The night of the performance you can purchase your ticket at Hal and Mal's.  Have FUN!


The popular New Orleans pop/rock trio Better Than Ezra released their fourth album 'Closer' last year. The album, which was produced by Brad Wood (Liz  Phair, Smashing Pumpkins), Ethan Allen (Patty Griffin, Tricky) and Better Than Ezra, features 11 dynamite songs, including the first single "Extra Ordinary," which was a hit at Alternative, AAA, and Modern Adult radio formats.

Band members Kevin Griffin (lead vocals), Tom Drummond (bass) and  Travis McNabb (drums) made "Good," "Rosalia" and "Desperately Wanting,"  among others, irresistible radio staples.

Better Than Ezra is a perfect example of the rarest commodity in the music  industry: a band that has lasted over a decade and are still releasing original and significant music.

The band, together since 1988, certainly has had a chance to learn about life, love and the music industry in preparation for this soul-searching album. Changing roles within the band, changing musical tastes and major life-changing experiences have had a  profound effect on the material contained on 'Closer.'

"We like to think of Better Than Ezra as genuine, in how we live and the songs we write," says  Drummond, "It's all from the heart, just three normal guys making music."