Fund Raising for St. Jude


Description: The American Lebanese Syrian Associat­ed Charities (ALSAC), also known as ALSAC-St. Jude Children's Research Hospital , is the fund-raising arm of St. Jude. Each year, millions of Americans from all backgrounds participate in its activities.

Mission: ALSAC exists solely to raise and provide the funds to operate and maintain St. Jude Children's Research Hospital . Because of ALSAC, no child has ever been turned away from St. Jude because of an inability to pay for treatment.

Founding: Danny Thomas and approximately 100 leaders of his Arabic-speaking heritage founded ALSAC in 1957. Danny asked them to take on St. Jude as their gift to America for what America had allowed them to become.

Michael F. Tamer, inspired by Danny Thomas' vision of a hospital to research and treat catastrophic childhood illnesses without charge, became ALSAC's first national executive director. Until his death in 1974, Tamer worked closely with Danny to lead ALSAC in fulfilling its mission.

Growth: From its humble beginnings, ALSAC-St. Jude has grown to be America 's fourth largest health-care charity. All money raised is restricted to the current and future needs of the hospital. In the next fiscal year, ALSAC will raise more than $250 million.

Operations: ALSAC has a full-time staff of approximately 300, headed by its national executive director, Richard C. Shadyac, to coordinate the fund-raising activities of the more than 1 million volunteers and donors who support the hospital each year.

ALSAC operations are overseen by its Board of Directors who are also the same volunteers serving as the Board of Governors of St. Jude Hospital. For fiscal year 2000, ALSAC/St. Jude spent only 13.8% of the total revenue raised on fundraising and administrative costs.

Fund-raising Activities: ALSAC sponsors more than 30,000 fund-raising activities annually. These include Math-A-Thons ® , bike-a-thons, radiothons and other special events. It also conducts direct mail and corporate solicitation campaigns and special television programming.