Money may not have been sole motive for Barrett murder

By Howard Ballou - bio | email

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Our 3 On Your Side investigation in this case has revealed there may have been a motive other than money for the murder of Richard Barrett.

Official sources who asked not to be identified, tell WLBT, 22-year-old Vincent McGee, in his confession, alleged Barrett made sexual advances to him, apparently sending McGee into a rage, a rage that ended in murder.

We asked Sheriff Pennington about it. He had no comment other than to say the murder was not racially motivated. Rankin-Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest also would not discuss specifics of the case, but he did have this to say.

"I was surprised to hear about this and then as the case unfolded, there were other twists and turns that again were unforeseen in this case," Guest said.

McGee's family members told WLBT, Thursday night, that McGee, when he was a teenager, before he went to prison, knew Barrett and had worked for him.

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