Child killed in pit bull attack

TERRY, MS (WLBT) - A child was killed Friday morning during a pit bull attack. Sheriff's deputies say 6 year old Anastasia Bingham walked out of the mobile home she lived in at 1911 Green Drive around 7:30am to go to a friend's house across the street. The dog mauled her to death between the two homes.

Law enforcement got the call around 8 a.m. and processed the scene. The dog, a brindle color pit bull, was taken away for quarantine. It's believed the dog was kept with some other pit bulls in a small patch of woods behind a nearby house. The dogs do not belong to the little girl's family.

The girl's brother, Zavian Bingham, says he was asleep when the attack happened. "These pit bulls, they'll be back though. For another crime. They killed my sister. They didn't know the dog bite."

The hinds county sheriff's department says it's too early to determine if any charges will be filed. Anastasia Bingham would have turned seven on Sunday.