Be sure to tell us you want the Big Sweet Potato Queen Prize Pack -- for which, if we had to set a price, would of course be priceless. It will be a bunch of Sweet Potato Queen Stuff. If you're unfamiliar with Stuff just check out the Sweet Potato Queens' web site.  But don't get off on the web site and forget to enter!  In fact enter today because time is limited. The parade is just days away, and our schedule is sooo busy -- in fact, the last time to enter is 4:00 a.m. on March 13.  Then watch that fabulous WLBT for their morning news to see if you're the lucky winner. Barbie, Wilson, Jack and Paul will have the pleasure of my company Thursday, March 13, when I'll pick one very lucky would-be, wanna-be Queen Prize Pack Winner!

Want more info about The Queens?

We are assuming that you already KNOW who the Sweet Potato Queens are because you read The Book. If, as a matter of fact, you have NOT read The Book, then stop right now. CLICK HERE AND GO TO THE SWEET POTATO QUEENS web site and find out How To Order and order your own personal copy of The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love and sit yourself down and read it.

You'll also learn how to buy Stuff. Plus you'll get the odd bit of Unsolicited Advice and perhaps an occasional comment on current events but really we just want to Sell you some Stuff. We think the Stuff will Amuse you, Brighten Your Day, Distract you from Your Woes, just generally Induce Chuckling All Around. We don't care. I mean, I guess you could say that we are Happy for You to experience all those things or we would certainly be if we ever gave a thought to Anybody Besides Our Selves but, there you have it--we don't ... think about Anybody Besides Our Selves. We might if thinking about Our Selves wasn't so Time Consuming.

If you are ever in Jackson, Mississippi, we'll just be Highly Insulted if you don't come by and let us give you a glass of iced tea and a big ole kiss right on the lips. Come right on back here and see us soon and bring yer mommer 'n' em. We'll have new stuff you can't live without all the time.

AND DON'T MISS THE PARADE!!! Go to the web site for essential info about Mal's St Paddy's Day Parade.

-H.R.H. THE Sweet Potato Queen