Karen Irby pleads not guilty

By Howard Ballou - bio | email

Jackson, MS (WLBT) - The wife of a prominent Jackson businessman is out of jail, released on $250,000 bond.

Karen Irby pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a wreck that killed two doctors. Escorted by a Hinds County Sheriff's Department cruiser, Karen Irby arrived at the detention center in Raymond around 3:30 Monday afternoon in a black SUV to turn herself in. Moments later, she was out on $250,000 bond.

The 38-year-old wife of Jackson businessman Stuart M. Irby is charged with two counts of depraved heart murder and one count of aggravated assault. The charges stem from a February 11th car crash that killed Dr. Mark Pogue, a third year resident at the University Medical Center, and his fiancee, Dr. Lisa Dedousis, a resident at Jersey City Medical Center in New Jersey.

The aggravated assault charge is for the injuries suffered by Karen Irby's 56-year-old husband, Stuart, a passenger in the black Mercedes she was driving.  Irby family friend and attorney, Calvin Wells said, "I plan on making this prepared statement and I will not be in a position to answer questions afterward." Coincidentally, about the same time Karen Irby was being processed in Raymond, her attorney, Calvin Wells, called a press conference.

Said Wells, "She has retained Joe Holleman to represent her on these charges. The charges on the indictment, as you know, are extremely serious. We're not gonna try this case in the media and any rush to judgement based solely on the indictment or on the rumor mill is premature and inappropriate."

Karen and Stuart Irby survived the crash but required extensive medical care. Authorities say she had been drinking before the accident. Karen Irby is entering a not guilty plea and has waived her arraignment.

Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Tomie Green has ordered Karen Irby to contact the Hinds County Probation Services Company, a monitoring service for the court.