Registration for Give-A-Ways

If you are already a subscriber to WLBT's Personal Precision Forecast you may already be registered for our give-a-ways.

When you first signed up for Personal Precision Forecast you were given the option to check a box, "Include me in station promotion activities." If you checked this box you are automatically registered for future give-a-ways that we channel through Personal Precision Forecast.

If you can't remember if you selected this option or if you would not like to be included in our give-a-ways, just log onto your Personal Precision Forecast and click the "Settings" tab on the right side of the screen. Next scroll down to question 7 and check or uncheck the box "Include me in station promotion activities." If the box is checked you are automatically registered! If not, and you want to be included, just check it. Finally, "Submit" your change at the bottom of the screen.

Automatic registration for our give-a-ways is just one of the many advantages of being a subscriber to Mississippi's most accurate and personal forecasting tool - WLBT's Personal Precision Forecast . Remember, you can change this option or any options on your Personal Precision Forecast as often as you like.