Where Does My Water Come From?

Sponsored - Have you ever wondered how water gets from a river or lake, straight to your home, clean and safe to drink?

Learn more about our process to deliver fresh water straight to your tap!

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Water Intake

The process starts with pumping water from intake pipes on the Ross Barnett Reservoir and the Pearl River, which are our natural water sources right here in Jackson. Next, the water goes through screens that help remove large debris – like leaves, sticks or fish.

Coagulation and Flocculation

After screening, special chemicals that are safe to use in treating drinking water, called coagulants, are added to the water. These drinking water-safe chemicals make tiny particles in the water stick together, forming larger clumps, called floc.


After that, the water enters large tanks, also called sedimentation basins. As the water moves through the basins, heavy floc particles settle to the bottom, while clearer water stays at the top.


The water then goes through filtration, where the settled water goes through filters made up of layers of sand gravel. This filtering process removes the even smaller particles.


To make sure the water is free from harmful germs, a small but standard amount of chlorine is added, which is safe for drinking water. This disinfects the water, killing any remaining bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.

Storage and Distribution

From there, the clean and treated water is stored in big tanks or reservoirs. Finally, water is pumped out and sent to homes, schools and other places through a system of pipes. From there, water reaches your taps!

You can learn more by viewing JXN Water’s Where Does My Water Come From video to see the process, too!

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