JXN Water Launches New 24/7 Customer Helpline


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When you call JXN Water, they answer. JXN Water recently introduced a new customer helpline. This dedicated number gives customers the ability to speak with JXN Water at any time.

The call center’s new number is 601-500-5200 and will connect JXN Water customers to staff available 24/7.

Here are six benefits of using the new customer service line:

1. Ask billing questions

2. Make payments

3. Manage new service requests

4. Provide feedback on the quality of your water service

5. Receive account support

6. Report leaks

Reach JXN Water at any time to get help with some of these common issues. You can also reach out to JXN Water for general questions. JXN Water call center representatives work with the JXN Water team to actively resolve issues and quickly get back to you. JXN Water follows up.

Since the call center went live over the summer, it has handled 10,984 calls, with 470 per day on average through June 30, according to the JXN Water quarterly report. The JXN Water call center also had an average wait time of 1 minute and 46 seconds, even handling 3,330 calls after hours and on weekends.

“JXN Water is improving for the better by improving the overall customer service experience. This new number is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, ensuring we’re able to quickly respond to customer’s questions and provide excellent support,” said Ted Henifin, JXN Water’s interim third-party manager.

To make payments, JXN Water customers should continue paying online at www.JXNWater.com or at multiple payment locations throughout the city.