Does Mississippi have an addiction to porn?

  Mental health stigma dissolving some since pandemic put the issue in the spotlight

  State Health Officer: We’re getting gradually closer to normalcy and a mask-free future

  Rising lumber costs have domino effect on new homes being built

Mississippi casinos given flexibility on COVID-19 protocols; some making masks optional

  Potential impacts of American Families Plan for child care in Mississippi

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Child confesses to setting dog on fire in Mississippi

Mississippi sheriff ‘frustrated as anyone’ child can’t be charged with intentionally setting dog on fire

  Mississippi population loss potential factors: healthcare and education

  Census data shows Mississippi’s population declining

  COVID-19 vaccine demand slowing in Mississippi

  Advocates discuss impacts of expanded parole eligibility

  In Yazoo County, increase in health care workers provides critical care

In Yazoo County, there’s a boom in skilled professionals ready and willing to provide critical care.

  Mississippians react to Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

Mississippians are reflecting on the impact in the state and what they hope still happens.

  Tuition set to increase at most Mississippi public universities

College tuition prices are rising but there are options out there to cut some of the costs.

  Multi-million dollar grant will address nurse educator shortage

Nurse educators are in short supply in Mississippi. Because of that, nursing schools often can't accept all of the qualified applicants each year.

  DPS Commissioner discusses changes approved during legislative session

Former DeSoto County Schools teaching assistant arrested for molestation in school parking lot

Jim Hill cheer squad brings home the gold in national cheerleading championship

  White House COVID Task Force doctors have message for Mississippians

  Millions in federal dollars help boost Mississippi’s broadband expansion

Hattiesburg Zoo to open new giraffe exhibit May 15

  Federal government extending tax deadline day to May 17

If you can’t file state and federal returns by May 17, an extension will give you until October 15.

Sen. Hyde-Smith: I can’t support policies that force Mississippians to fund Planned Parenthood

Hyde-Smith opposes the Biden administration's effort to open Title X federal funding to abortion providers.

Coast restaurant group offering sign-on bonus, $12 an hour for new employees

Half Shell Oyster House, which has several locations in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, has raised its starting wage for the second time in a year.

  Mississippi Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Initiative 65 challenge

The ballot initiative process that got medical marijuana on the ballot and eventually in the state constitution is in question.

  Pause on J&J vaccine not expected to have drastic impact on vaccination rates in Miss.

None of the cases of J&J complications have been identified in Mississippi.

Businesses still struggling to find people to work despite high unemployment numbers

Millions of people remain out of work, but businesses everywhere are struggling to hire people. It’s an issue that’s affecting several industries, especially restaurants and bars.

  Traffic stops under heightened scrutiny following incidents in other states

Traffic stops are under the microscope after recent incidents in Virginia and Minnesota.

Mississippi receives D+ in White House’s infrastructure report

The White House says Mississippi and Alabama’s current infrastructures are poor.

  Medicaid expansion ballot initiative groundwork underway in Mississippi

Medicaid expansion may be a decision left up to Mississippi voters in 2022.

  Governor Tate Reeves discusses year two in the fight against COVID-19

Governor Tate Reeves sits down to discuss year two of fighting COVID-19.

  Immigrant workers petition the president to rollback Trump policies and return the deported

The Immigrants Alliance for Justice and Equity is calling on the president to undo the policies of the Trump administration.

  State agencies partner to get vaccines to homebound older adults

Two state agencies are partnering to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines.Their focus? Homebound older adults and minority populations.

  State health officials urge you not to wait for a specific vaccine

The weekly COVID-19 update with the Department of Health and State Medical Association includes a positive outlook.

  Mississippi lawmakers wrap up 2021 legislative session

The legislature called it quits on the 2021 session Thursday morning.

  Healthcare workers reflect on the first year and look ahead to year two of fighting COVID-19

Healthcare workers say there's nothing to compare the last year of fighting COVID to but they are finding hope as they move into year two.

  Woman found dead in McComb attorney’s home

Wendy Dansby's cover photo had an almost ironic verse from Psalm 91: “Because she has set her love on me, I will deliver her...”

  Law enforcement officials discuss curtailing nightclub violence

Authorities say a qualified security team is imperative to safety in a nightclub or bar situation.

  Lawmakers work out details of various bills as session enters final week

Lawmakers are in the final days of the 2021 legislative session but some loose ends are still getting tied up.

  New program offers federal dollars to renters who fell behind on payments due to the pandemic

If you or anyone you know has fallen behind on rent payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, financial assistance is now being offered.

  Co-Lin goes back to full time traditional classes in the fall

Copiah-Lincoln Community College will return to full-time traditional classes in the fall, while leaving a healthy online catalog in place for those who aren't ready to return just yet.

  New federal incentives boost Medicaid expansion talks in Mississippi

Medicaid expansion hasn't gotten any traction in Mississippi. But new federal incentives seem to be increasing the talks about how the state could benefit.

‘A crisis is not a laughing matter’: Wicker jabs VP Harris after viral tarmac moment

Senator Roger Wicker (R, Miss.) is taking aim at Vice President Kamala Harris after a moment involving the vice president went viral.

  Local gun stores see uptick in sales when gun control discussions start

“It’s been a great year to be in the firearm industry."

  ‘Start killing some hogs’: State hog control program nabs varmints

Wild hogs can cause devastating damage to wildlife habitats and farmers crops

  Governor signs law giving troopers statewide jurisdiction

Troopers begin their new statewide patrols July 1.

  Mississippi legislature passes first TANF increase in more than 20 years

Lawmakers approve first TANF increase in Mississippi in more than 20 years.

Lee Co. soccer coach accused of child sex crimes with students

In a press release, investigators allege Mason made several attempts to engage in inappropriate acts with kids.

  Jackson man dies in police custody, family wants answers

A Jackson man dies in police custody. His family says they haven't even gotten a phone call from officials since his death Thursday.

  Lt. Governor discusses federal relief package

As lawmakers enter the final days of the legislative session--they're also considering the budget impacts of the federal coronavirus relief dollars.

  Mobile home dwellers should take precautions during severe weather

Weather and emergency officials say if you live in a mobile home, finding a shelter in your area to stay in until the storms pass could be a life and death issue.

  House revives tax reform plan after the original bill dies in Senate

This plan seeks to phase out the income tax, reduce the grocery tax and raise the sales tax.

  Party lines may play role in who’s getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Tyree Irving said Democrats are following the science and not basing their decision on political views.

  Gun show vendors receive surprise fee from city of Jackson

Jackson gun show vendors got hit with a surprise fee at a recent event.

Dolphins Awareness Month: The rescue story of Apollo and Turner at IMMS

Each March, our favorite cetaceans are recognized. Dolphins Awareness Month is celebrated to help protect and conserve the well-being of the mammals.

  One Year Later: COVID-19′s impact on the Black community

With one year of COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, we're taking a closer look at the impact it's had on the Black community in Mississippi.

  Which bills are still in play at the State Capitol after the latest deadlines?

The legislature's focus is narrowing as more deadlines pass.

Woman accused of stealing more than $31K worth of lottery tickets

A Mississippi woman is facing charges for allegedly stealing more than $31,000 worth of lottery tickets from her former employer.

Senate revives medical marijuana proposal after House allows original bill to die

The legislature’s attempt at a back-up medical marijuana program appeared to have died Wednesday but was revived late in the day.

Road crews have finally begun paving Starkville’s infamous Blackjack Road

Money for the project is coming from Oktibbeha County, MSU and the state of Mississippi.

  Advocates continue to push for voting rights restoration of convicted felons in Mississippi

Mississippi advocates have long pushed for voting rights to be restored to convicted felons after they've served their time. But they've been unsuccessful.

  UMMC Study: More children may have had COVID-19 than case numbers suggest

A year into the fight against COVID-19 and we’re still learning more about how it’s impacting different parts of the population.

  Bill that would give Miss. educators pay raise one step closer to becoming law

If signed into law, the pay increase will be in effect for the 2021-2022 school year.

  Faith leaders and Working Together Mississippi call for action on Medicaid expansion

Working Together Mississippi is starting the work of educating the community on the reasons state leaders should expand healthcare access.

All Mississippians age 16+ can now get COVID-19 vaccinations

Private providers and pharmacies are also offering the vaccine. Call for availability.

Miss. bill ordering school sports teams be based on biological sex passes House

It will now head to Governor Tate Reeves for signage.

  Mother of victim in fatal Old Fannin Road hit and run begs driver to come forward

Irina Gutierrez was killed by a hit and run driver as she walked down Old Fannin Road on Friday.

  Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann weighs in on pending legislation, including tax reform

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann weighs in on tax reform proposal.

  Residents still affected by water outages as crews continue work

Jacksonites are still struggling with water outages two weeks after the winter storm of 2021 wreaked havoc on the infrastructure.

So... just how concerned should we be about America’s $28 trillion debt?

America has a problem. Well, almost 28,000,000,000,000 problems.

  Mississippi lawmakers considering creation of a conservation trust fund

Several Mississippi outdoors and conservation groups are looking towards a new possibility of infusing more money into their conservation efforts.

Former ranking state official arrested on child sex charges

A former high-ranking MDMH and MDOC official has been arrested on child sex charges.

  Mississippi lawmakers consider doing away with prescription requirement on pseudoephedrine

Mississippi is one of only two states still requiring a prescription for medicines containing pseudoephedrine. That could soon change.

  Teachers: Their pay, value and how to keep them

Teachers and legislators are looking into ways of solving the teacher shortage in Mississippi.

  Mixed reaction to tax reform proposal moving through legislative process

The tax reform plan may have cleared one side of the State Capitol but as it moves from the House to the Senate, several groups are asking that they pump the breaks.

Rep. Thompson claims that a member of the Proud Boys has tried to call him

Mississippi representative Bennie Thompson is claiming that a member of a far-right group has tried to get in touch with him.

  Mississippi House passes tax reform proposal that includes phasing out state income taxes

The Mississippi House voted to advance a proposal that would phase out the state income tax, reduce the grocery tax and increase the sales tax.

  Reeves: Rollback of some COVID-19 restrictions in Mississippi will begin over next seven days

But the governor offered few specifics on what that might look like.

Pelosi gives shoutout to Rep. Thompson, calls him a ‘pioneer’ in health and education reform

Pelosi has been spotlighting Black congressmen and women in honor Black History Month.