Officials: Getting high on wasp spray can kill you

It’s know on the street as “wasping" and causes bizarre behavior, seizures and severe, even deadly, allergic reactions

JPD busts ‘dispensary party,’ finds edible marijuana treats, gun, other paraphernalia

  Mississippi primary election laws: What you need to know

‘45 is an embarrassment’: Bennie Thompson reacts to Trump telling congresswomen to go back to their countries

  Gangs making headlines: The Metro area has its fair share

Foster defends decision to refuse female reporter access to campaign

  Movie making is returning to Mississippi following expansion of incentive program

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  Cyrus Ben takes oath to become youngest Choctaw Tribal Chief in history

  Mississippi primary election four weeks away

  Mississippi’s Hemp Cultivation Task Force holds first meeting

  Why an accurate count on the 2020 Census matters

  Federal lawsuit filed challenging Mississippi’s meat alternative labeling

  Teacher pay raise shortfall: What’s next?

3 longtime Mississippi lawmakers retiring before term ends

Three of 52 Senate seats and two of 122 House seats will be vacant. Legislators return to the Capitol only if Gov. Phil Bryant calls a special session before January.

  Supreme Court rules federal courts can’t police partisan gerrymandering

The United States Supreme Court says federal courts can't police gerrymandering challenges.The Court says it's a political issue...not a judicial one.

  Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith writes letter to President requesting temporary pumps to alleviate flooding

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is making a request to President Trump in an attempt to ease the backwater flooding in the state.Hyde-Smith sent the letter to the President yesterday.She is asking that he approve the use of temporary pumps to start removing water that's been in the Yazoo Backwater area.

  Mississippi Department of Education announces plans to award new special needs scholarship accounts

Millions more are being directed to the state's special education scholarship accounts this year, and the Department of Education is changing the way families are selected.

  Legislative Black Caucus holds Medicaid hearing to gather information ahead of 2020 legislative session

Ala. governor signs chemical castration bill into law

  Mississippi WWII Veteran revisits France for D-Day events

  Federal lawsuit claims Mississippi’s way of selecting statewide officials is racist

  Former Sen. Thad Cochran remembered as a “senator’s senator” at final funeral service

  Late Senator Thad Cochran’s funeral service held at Mississippi Capitol

  Remembering Senator Thad Cochran: Beyond the Politics

We've told you the stories surrounding Sen. Thad Cochran's life of service and his legacy in Mississippi politics.Now, we're taking a look beyond the politics.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes says gun crime must end

Councilman Kenneth Stokes says gun crime would slow down if gun shows were banned and the open carry laws were repealed.

  Remembering Thad Cochran’s legacy and impact on Mississippi

Senator Thad Cochran's legacy and impact on his home state of Mississippi is being remembered today.Cochran died early this morning in Oxford. He was 81.

Lawsuit calls Mississippi’s way of choosing governors racist

On Thursday, more than a century later, four black Mississippians sued in federal court to put an end to what they say is a racially discriminatory system, unique in the U.S. and deliberately aimed at thwarting the election of African Africans.

  Governor Bryant holds ceremonial bill signings

Governor Bryant holds ceremonial bill signings for several bills from the 2019 legislative session.

  County prosecutor wants in on JPD teen sex case

County prosecutor Gerald Mumford says his office should be involved in the JPD/teen sex case. Attorney Lisa Ross says she is not compelled by law to give him any information.

  Proposed change to Medicaid State Plan questioned by Mississippi Hospital Assocation

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid is proposing to do away with the Medicare Crossover Payments

  Group works for to increase young voter engagement

Mississippi voters can vote in primaries when they're 17 as long as they'll be 18 by the date of the general election.

  Program encourages more women to get involved in politics

A program helps college women from around the state learn more about politics and ways they can get involved in the political arena.

Mayor Lumumba endorses former police chief for Hinds Co. Sheriff

The announcement is scheduled for Friday, May 24th at 11:30am on the steps of the Hinds County Courthouse.

Two charged in Canton voter fraud case enter Pre-Trial Diversion Program

Two of the people charged in the Canton voter fraud investigation will enter a Pre-Trial Diversion Program.

  Mississippi Rural Health Task Force holds first meeting

Governor Phil Bryant is giving a charge to a newly-created Rural Health Care Task Force.He's asking the group to consider ways to reduce the threat of more hospital closures and improve access to care.

  Mississippi Governor’s race ramps up

The statewide primary election is less than three months away.And the race for Governor is picking up in new ways---with more ads and polling.

  Mississippi abortion supporters and opponents react to Alabama ban

Mississippi is among the states in legal battles over restrictive abortion bans.

Alabama governor signs near-total abortion ban into law

The law makes performing an abortion in Alabama at any stage of pregnancy a felony unless the mother’s health is in danger. There's no exception for rape or incest.

  Bill would allow food stamps to be used at restaurants in Illinois

If passed, restaurants could choose to accept food stamps

  Mississippi Hospital Association proposes $20 per month insurance plan

“Mississippi Cares” would give low-paid, non-disabled adults working to provide for their families access to a plan that would mirror the Medicaid plan benefits for adults.

  SNAP ban on drug felons to be lifted in Mississippi

Mississippi will soon allow drug felons to apply for federal food assistance.

  Gubernatorial candidates make fundraising push ahead of deadline

If you feel like we were just talking about elections, you’re right.

Residents question west Jackson rezoning ordinance

A rezoning proposal that had some residents concerned is on the agenda for the Jackson City Council.

  Interest in church security training picks up following recent violence in places of worship

The Church Protection Act allows churches to legally have armed security teams if they choose. If a worst case scenario played out, they could open fire in defense of the church without fear of prosecution.

Districts discuss impact of teacher pay raise mistake

A miscalculation left a multi-million dollar gap in funding for teacher pay raises. It didn’t take long for districts to notice something was off when the numbers came in from the Mississippi Department of Education.

  Mississippi legislature creates task force to explore hemp cultivation

Mississippi will soon look at the pros and cons of growing hemp. But it's in the early stages---starting with a task force created by the legislature.

  Infertility treatments still not covered by insurance in Mississippi

It's National Infertility Awareness Week.And it's a real-life struggle for one in eight couples.

Stacey Abrams to deliver Tougaloo commencement speech May 5

Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor in Georgia, will deliver the Tougaloo College commencement address next month.

Gov. Bryant signs first-in-the-nation foster care reform

The Children’s Promise Act (HB 1613) will provide concrete assistance to nonprofit organizations working on diverse problems around the state, including human trafficking, opioid addiction, and autism.

  State testing this week brings back conversations around excessive testing

State testing is kicking off in Mississippi schools this week. That's reigniting the conversations surrounding whether students are overtested.

  City of Jackson addresses virus plaguing emails

The City of Jackson’s Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Robert Blaine, says they have now successfully killed that virus.

Governor Bryant signs teacher pay raise bill

This will give teacher’s in Mississippi a raise of $1,500.

  Legal opinion could have ‘devastating consequences’ for Mississippi lottery

A Department of Justice opinion is putting question marks over the state lottery. It's calling into question gambling that crosses state lines.

Federal judge rebukes Trump attacks on courts, compares to segregationist era

Judge Carlton Wayne Reeves of the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, quoted the President’s past tweets that disparage judges and told an audience at the University of Virginia Law School:

  Decision 2019: Campaign trackers and what they do

Campaign trackers were once a hush-hush campaign tactic but are more common now. It's typically individuals that the campaigns are able to identify through the campaign cycle after seeing them at several events.

  DECISION 2019: Lt. Governor candidates weigh in on teacher pay issue

Lt. Governor candidates Delbert Hosemann and Jay Hughes discuss teacher pay and their proposed solutions.

  Tate Reeves officially kicks off gubernatorial campaign

He held a rally at Climate Masters, his family’s business, in Pearl.

MDOC Commissioner among leaders supporting cellphone jamming legislation

Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner among leaders around the nation supporting federal legislation to use cellphone jamming systems to stop use behind bars.

  Statewide survey reveals voters’ thoughts on policy issues

State of the State survey reveals where voters priorities lie ahead of statewide elections.

  Mississippi teachers are in fighting mode after legislative session actions

Mississippi educators are organizing for action -- they're planning how to best get their voices heard following the most recent legislative session.

  Mississippi women are fighting to close the wage gap

Equal Pay Day marks how far into the year women must work just to earn what men earned in the previous year. Mississippi women are speaking up about why it's past time for a change.

  Michael Guest becomes first freshman Republican to pass a Bill in the 116th Congress

Congressman Guest became the first freshman Republican Member of the House of Representatives in the 116th Congress to pass a piece of legislation on the House floor.

  Mississippi legislature works to strengthen human trafficking laws

Some human trafficking victims will soon receive protections under a new state law. And law enforcement says that's needed to better track down the people behind the crimes.

  Legislative sessions ends with special education vouchers controversy

Special education scholarship accounts or vouchers sparked controversy at the end of the legislative session.

2019 legislative session wraps up; here’s what you need to know

Lawmakers returned to the Capitol for the final day with tensions running high.

  Where will money come from for $1,500 teacher pay raise?

Teacher pay raise passes Mississippi House and Senate. Now goes to the Governor's desk for final approval or veto.

Legislature passes Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2019

HB 1352, the Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2019, was passed on Thursday, sending the bill to Governor Bryant for his signature.

  Teacher pay raise details remain uncertain at State Capitol

The waiting game for teacher pay raise details continues at the State Capitol.

  Lawmakers considering new budget proposals following improved revenue outlook

While there's been disagreements on specifics---there does seem to be a consensus at the State Capitol.That consensus is that the money will most likely go towards pay raises for teachers and state employees.

  Trump border emergency survives as House veto override fails

The Democratic-controlled chamber fell 38 votes short of the 286 needed for Democrats and their handful of Republican allies to prevail, because a two-thirds majority was needed.

  Mississippi politicians react to Mueller report

Mississippi politicians are responding to the release of the Mueller report, which found no collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government.

  Status hearing held for three of the 9 people charged in Canton’s ongoing voter fraud case

A status hearing was held Monday morning for four of the nine individuals facing charges in Canton’s ongoing voter fraud scandal.

  Mississippi teachers playing waiting game on pay raise proposal details

Teacher pay raise details are still in limbo at the State Capitol as the 2019 legislative session draws to a close.

Though Mueller’s report has been completed, debate continues

Mueller's findings absolve Trump on the question of colluding with Russia but don't entirely remove the legal threats the president and his associates are facing.

  Mueller report: Barr says Mueller finds no evidence of Trump-Russia conspiracy

Attorney General William Barr has given Congress the eagerly anticipated summary of the “principal conclusions” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year Russia investigation.

  State Auditor raises red flag on cybersecurity vulnerabilities

State agencies house more of your personal information than you may realize. But how secure is it? One official is sounding the alarm and pushing to have the law changed to make your information safer.

  Governor signs fetal heartbeat bill into law

The law will prohibit most abortions once a fetal heartbeat

  “Fresh Start Act” seeks to help ex-felons gain employment

State Representative Mark Baker of Brandon introduced House Bill 1284 also known as the “Fresh Start Act” which aims to combat ex-felons returning to a life of crime.

  Governor plans to sign fetal heartbeat bill despite threat of legal action

Nation's most restrictive abortion ban to be signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant on Thursday.

  School district pushing for local teacher pay raise while waiting on statewide raise

Holmes County Consolidated School District is planning to push a local teacher pay raise. Meanwhile, they're hoping the state legislature will also pass a raise to incentivize teachers to stay in the state.

Bill banning abortions when fetal heartbeat detected heads to Governor

Senate Bill 2116 provides an exemption for cases of medical emergencies.