Mississippi Strong

  MISSISSIPPI STRONG: Local family turns heartbreak into happiness in memory of loved one lost to cancer

One Hazlehurst woman helps grant holiday wishes in central Mississippi through Toys for Tots

  Flowood woman’s mobile shower truck for homeless now a reality

  Vicksburg woman chosen to help decorate the White House for Christmas

  Ridgeland schools work together to help students displaced by weekend fires

  ‘I realized it was just all God. He led me there’: Madison teen finds missing elderly man

Continued Coverage

  Mississippi Strong: Veteran recalls Battle of Iwo Jima nearly 75 years later

  Mississippi firefighters push themselves to the limit to attain elite Smoke Diver designation

  Rural responders prepared for severe weather system in Lincoln County

  Celebrities, law enforcement from around the country send injured Madison deputy well-wishes

  Zach’s M&Ms melt your heart, not in your hands

  ‘Have a passion for it’: 100-year-old ballet master still teaching classes

South Mississippi Strong: Entrepreneur provides platform to highlight black-owned businesses

Seeing a need to help black business owners, Alexis Williams created a Facebook page to offer support and resources to entrepreneurs.

  Ten-year-old author pens book to cope with loss of his mom

Keigon Lowery, age 10, has written a book about life since his mother was killed in front of his eyes.

  Vicksburg American Legion creates dropbox for tattered flags

Vicksburg's American Legion is working to see tattered flags retired properly.

Jackson Fire takes to the streets to ask you to “Fill the Boot"

For three days, firefighters ask Jackson motorists to donate to Muscular Dystrophy.

  ‘People with disabilities can do phenomenal things’: JSU student with cerebral palsy graduates Summa Cum Laude

  Forensic interviewers are on the front lines for abused children

  Young robotics students from Madison County win big at world championship

MS STRONG: Jackson food truck feeds Vicksburg tornado victims Sunday

  Mississippi Strong: Tom’s Fried Pies makes national list

  Mississippi Strong: UMMC teams with Murrah High School for the Base Pair Program

  Mississippi Strong: Dr. Mark Yeager and TEAAM Autism

Summer camp should be a fun time for everyone, but for autistic kids here in Mississippi, it was not an option until 2001.

Mississippi Strong: Brandon MLB player turns to ministry

“In the 6th ground Tommy Lasorda called my name, and I was like holy cow! I got drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers!” Leach tells us. “May 6 2009 was my debut.”

  MS STRONG: Redwood Elementary students raise money for flood victims

Redwood elementary students donate to flood victims.

  Mississippi Strong: Flowood woman has food truck converted to mobile shower truck for homeless

There are so many things in our daily life that we take for granted. For example a nice hot shower. For the homeless, it’s not guaranteed.It’s what’s inspiring a Flowood businesswoman to take action and her effort is what makes her Mississippi Strong.


A Rankin County family is preparing to head to Phoenix, Arizona for a procedure on their nine-year-old son, A.J.

  Mississippi Strong : Jackson Prep Senior raises $600,000 to build accessible baseball fields

Joseph Voynik shows why he is Mississippi Strong. The 17 year old raised more than $600,000 to help build accessible baseball fields for children in the state with mental and physical disabilities. He will receive a national youth volunteer award in May.

  The state’s youngest heart transplant patient and her family show why they are Mississippi Strong

Before her surgery, when she was three-months-old, Gabby's parents and younger sister died in a house fire. Two weeks later, Gabby found a heart donor.

  MISSISSIPPI STRONG: South Jackson resident James Davis shows dedication to youth, community

This week’s Mississippi Strong nominee has shown much love and dedication to his south Jackson neighborhood.

  MISSISSIPPI STRONG: Rankin County Sheriff’s Deputy rescues family from fire, saves Christmas

“They expect us to go above and beyond at all times that’s why we do this job,” explained Elward.

  Mississippi Strong: How Project Evergreen and one local business are helping military families

A project started in 2006 is helping military families with something most of us wouldn’t think of: lawn-care.

South Mississippi Strong: Harrison County girl’s art is good for the heart

Emma Hartley may have heart disease, but it’s not stopping her dreams. She and her family are lending their talents to support the American Heart Association, and in doing so, she’s not only helping others, but she’s also helping herself.




We all know Mississippi has its musical super stars and even some of the lesser stars, but Dr. Jim Brewer took it upon himself to collect the names and stories of as MANY of the people in Mississippi in music as he could find.