MSDH keeps some details on Mississippi’s health care readiness, capabilities from public

Over the past three days, state leaders have been holding daily news conferences to keep the public informed during this coronavirus pandemic, yet also reveal the Mississippi State Department of Health keeps some details to itself, citing privacy and panic as primary reasons for the move.

Pharmacists: Doctors writing prescriptions for possible COVID-19 treatment at expense of chronically-ill patients

  High demand for unemployment claims outpaces state’s ability to keep up

  Analysis: Higher coronavirus case rates, fewer critical care options for rural counties than Jackson metro

Law expert: In Miss. it’s a felony to violate a quarantine order, but good luck enforcing it

  Watching Your Wallet: Travel insurance likely won’t cover coronavirus-related cancellations

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

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  Watching Your Wallet: With coronavirus causing market volatility, financial experts help you watch your nest egg

  Sanitized: Online listings for hand sanitizer, disinfectant advertise inflated prices

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Dangerous Conditions

  Congress takes up insurance rate discrimination

  3 On Your Side Investigates: A Plea for Justice

  Rate Discrimination: Some insurance companies give better rates for customers with certain jobs, education

  Alleged Baptist Hospital shooter had murder, domestic violence in arrest record

On Jamal Holmes’ Facebook page, his friends called for compassion for those with mental illness.

  Patriot Penalty: Deployed service members come home to find higher auto insurance rates

Service members who cancel their car insurance to serve overseas may come back to find higher rate quotes after telling companies they didn't have coverage because of deployment.

  Costly Care: Medicare charged hundreds more than drug’s cost at cash value

A man noticed his insurance paid all of one medication, but then he discovered the federal government was billed hundreds more than market value.

  Documents: Tens of millions in taxpayer dollars flowed into nonprofit at center of state’s largest embezzlement scheme

Some federal money intended to help poorest Mississippians lined pockets instead.

  ‘You don’t replace those people that easily': Morton businesses still struggling six months after ICE raids

  Illegal Contact: Banned drugs found in athletic performance supplements

  Man allegedly shot by police has been accused of murder 3 times

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Pivoting Out of Poverty

  Man with felony record hired by JPD, then charged with stealing ten days later

  Out on bond after six trials, what’s next for Curtis Flowers?

  Analysis: In 2020′s first two weeks, Jackson sees 67% spike in gun violence over last year

In the first thirteen days of the new year, the Capital City has seen a surge of gun violence eclipsing last year’s numbers for the same time period: A 67% increase.

  Inaccurate gang names in MDOC database lead to questions

The Mississippi Department of Corrections has a gang database that lists errors in gang names that may have been there for years.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Cooking the Books

Despite investigating public officials in twenty-two counties and demanding $5 million of your tax dollars be paid back in 2019, State Auditor Shad White believes his investigators are winning the fight against corruption in the Magnolia State.

  Investigators say Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords fighting in state prisons

The violence in state prisons is, for the most part, related to a feud between the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples.

  Jackson sees 60 percent jump in female shooting victims over last year

As 2019 comes to a close, a 3 On Your Side analysis of Jackson Police Department news releases finds the number of female victims has increased 48 percent over last year.

  Families of alleged rape victims inside Yazoo Regional Correctional Facility want justice

Two women allege that they were sexually assaulted by three guards in the Yazoo County Regional Correctional Facility. The guards are on leave, and the women's families are on a mission.

  Recognizing Hate: FBI begins counting its own hate crime cases in federal data, inaccurate numbers remain

After years of breaking the law, the FBI has finally and quietly released its own hate crime statistics. As InvestigateTV uncovered in Measure of Hate, while the FBI published annual hate crime statistics, the agency failed to release its own numbers.

  Former JPD officers talk about area where 2 children were shot on Medgar Evers

Two former JPD officers tell us about the area where two children were shot in a drive by on Tuesday. It's known for a high crime rate, drugs, and gangs.

  Watching Your Wallet: Make smart money moves before 2020

From maxing out retirement contributions to checking your car insurance rates, experts say there are a few smart financial steps to take before the new year starts.

  U.S. Attorney chastises Jackson officials, judges over crime in the capital city

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst had strong words for criminals, but also for officials he said are not helping the problems.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: The Future of Farish Street

Over nearly four decades, developers, elected officials, and community members have tried -- and failed -- to fully revive a dying street in Jackson.

  3 days, 2 shootings, 1 dead: Related shootings at Warren County apartments worry residents

The shootings of two teens shot three days apart in an apartment complex in Warren County are related, the sheriff says.

MHP: 2019 Thanksgiving period ranks deadliest in state’s history for travelers

More people died from vehicle crashes this year during Mississippi’s five-day Thanksgiving enforcement period than any other time in the state’s history, according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

  Preying on patriotism: Sham veterans and first-responder charities ousted for deception, their professional fundraisers largely left unscathed

Sham veterans and first-responder charities have been put out of business for misusing donations but their third-party, for-profit fundraisers remain in business.

  Watching Your Wallet: Don’t break your gift budget this holiday season

Americans plan to spend an average of $825 on holiday gifts this year, according to NerdWallet. Experts give you ways to stay on budget and find the best deals.

  Cashing in on Charity: Donations meant to help sick children, wounded veterans, abused animals instead benefit for-profit fundraisers

Professional fundraisers are for-profit companies that contract with charities to solicit donations by telephone or through the mail. The industry is loosely regulated and can keep as much as 100% of donated dollars.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Jailed and Abused

The Hinds County Detention Center in Raymond has been a source of frustration for decades, and now it is once again the subject of a lawsuit.

  EXCLUSIVE: Documents reveal sexual harassment settlement against Hinds County tax collector will cost $110K

Exclusive documents obtained by 3 On Your Side reveal a sexual harassment lawsuit against Hinds County Tax Collector Eddie Fair has been settled for $110,000, most of which will be paid by the county’s insurance provider.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Unlocked

A key duplication company highlighted two years ago by 3 On Your Side for security concerns has now expanded its services to include electronic keys, drawing more criticism in the process.

Unidentified man dies in JPD custody over the weekend, coroner confirms

Medics responded to the scene after police were called for a disorderly individual who was foaming from the mouth.

Missed Opportunity: Federal initiative meant to help poor neighborhoods benefits the rich

Neighborhoods with an average income of about six-figures are labeled “distressed” by the federal government.

  Hidden Damage: Wrecked, flooded border patrol truck sold at dealership without damage declared

A Virginia man bought a car from a dealership. The title and history looked clear, but it turned out the truck had a dangerous history.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Lax Laws

A 3 On Your Side investigation into Mississippi’s election laws reveals a lack of enforcement and transparency governing candidates that run for municipal and county offices, leaving those voters far more vulnerable to potential corruption than those who run for statewide office.

Twenty-five current and former agents file lawsuit against Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics over experience pay

Twenty-five agents have brought a lawsuit against the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics asking for backpay allowed them by Senate Bill 2500.

  Embattled officers, victim’s family both suing the City of Jackson

The city of Jackson seems to be in an odd spot.

  Indictment reveals driver had synthetic cannabinoid in system when he struck, killed two motorcyclists

A newly-released grand jury indictment from Madison County gives insight into the investigation law enforcement officers have been working for nearly 15 months, detailing the charges against the man responsible for striking and killing two motorcyclists on a Madison highway.

  Jackson Police Dept. releases first updated crime statistics in eight months

The Jackson Police Department posted its first updated crime statistics since February, a move that came after questions from 3 On Your Side to members of the JPD command staff over the department’s eight-month delay in providing them to the public.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Surprise Bills

Hometown pharmacies are disappearing and part of the reason, says one owner, is a complicated payment system that needs regulation.

  Fake Filters? Made-up addresses, strange receipts and copycat websites reveal knock-offs on the market

After several strange clues, a Michigan father questions whether his water filters are authentic. Experts say counterfeit filters are a growing problem in the United States.

  Attorneys: JPD overlooking findings of its own Internal Affairs Department, endangering community

Attorneys for 11 current and former Jackson Police officers filed in court yesterday, requesting a jury trial for their clients who have been involved in use of force incidents and have been investigated under the James Davis administration.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Chief of Staff resigns under pressure

A top official at MBN was told to resign or she would be fired, and WLBT obtained her resignation letter.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Residency Rift

A dispute over who won the Democratic nomination for a Hinds County supervisor seat could soon be decided by a judge because one of the candidates claims the other doesn’t live in the district he wants to represent.

  Watching Your Wallet: Student loan debt reaches all-time high

College graduates now owe the most money in history; experts say it's best to pay it back sooner rather than later.

  Jackson councilmen approve bid to overhaul downtown parking meters

Jackson city councilmen on Tuesday did something the city hasn’t managed to accomplish in decades: approving a bid to modernize and replace its downtown parking meters, which in turn could bring millions annually to the Capital City’s coffers.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Busted Budget

The fallout from a state investigation into Pelahatchie’s finances has found its way into five different court cases.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Preferential Treatment

Two central Mississippi hospitals spend millions each year to keep from having to treat the Magnolia State’s most critical trauma patients, 3 On Your Side and Mississippi Today have learned as part of an ongoing series on emergency care services across the state.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Ending the Fight

Marionna Watson says on September 11, 2018, she was stabbed 15 times.

  New Koch Foods court filing claims ICE raid search ‘illegal', violation of Fourth Amendment

Tuesday’s latest court filing cites nearly a dozen reasons why an attorney for Koch Foods believes the federal government illegally searched the company’s Morton facility in August during the largest single-day raid in U.S. history.

Missing woman reported in Lincoln County, last seen a week ago

A Lincoln County family is looking for Dianne McMorris, age 60.

  Brandon Theesfeld’s attorneys ask for mental eval, no bond at hearing Thursday

Brandon Theesfeld's attorneys have requested a mental evaluation after a Wednesday night meeting with prosecutors.

  Pelahatchie mayor, alderman blame each other for paycheck delay

While some employees with the town of Pelahatchie wait for their past due paychecks, town officials can’t give a clear timeline on when those checks will be signed and sent out.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Inside the ICE Raids

While hundreds of undocumented workers face potential charges and deportation following last week’s massive immigration raid, newly-unsealed court documents show a snapshot of the federal government’s case against the four companies also targeted in this investigation.

  Pelahatchie alderman: Mayor’s failure to sign paychecks will delay some employees’ pay until next week

At least five employees with the town of Pelahatchie won’t be paid Friday because Mayor Ryshonda Beechem has refused to sign their paychecks, Mayor Pro Tempore Margie Warren tells 3 On Your Side.

  Measure of Hate documentary explores the undercounting of crimes in America

InvestigateTV shows issues with undercounting hate crimes, including the FBI failing to meet a federal mandate to report. After months of reporting on this issue, this documentary also highlights results of the investigation, including police departments amending their records.

  Nearly 300 detained in ICE raids released, officials confirm

300 of 680 detained in ICE raids on Tuesday have been released, agents said.

  Watching Your Wallet: Decade-by-decade, experts help you save for retirement

By retirement, financial experts say you should have at least eight times your annual salary saved up. NerdWallet explains how to get there, decade-by-decade.

  Turmoil in Pelahatchie: Mayor’s lawsuit against aldermen aims to have them removed

Pelahatchie Mayor Ryshonda Beechem’s latest court filing sends a message to members of the town’s board of aldermen: follow the law or the court will remove you from office.

  Clinton police arrest 23 in city’s first ever human trafficking operation

Clinton Police and the Hinds County Sheriff's Department arrested 23 in a human trafficking operation last week.

  3 On Your Side Investigates: Emergency Delayed

With each hospital closure, ensuring high quality health care for Mississippi’s most rural residents becomes that much harder, forcing small counties with dwindling tax bases into paying for ambulance service that may not provide the fastest response.

  What happened to Ally Kostial? Details start to emerge

Twenty-one year old Ally Kostial was shot to death, her body found near a remote fishing camp.

  Fake Filters? Companies falsely claim to have prestigious water safety certification

With water quality and safety concerns across the country, many families are turning to water filters. But there are counterfeit filters and filters carrying fake certification marks.

  Deadly batch of ‘bad’ heroin kills at least 5 in metro area, officials say

Authorities say the victims, most reported to be in their early 20s, may have gotten hold of the same bad batch of drugs.

  Untested Waters: Feds take small steps toward inspecting more seafood

The FDA has a new strategy for imported food safety, and Congress has increased seafood inspection funds. But the U.S. still lags behind some other countries when it comes to inspections and regulations.

3OYS investigation reveals accused killer of Celeste McDonald served time for sex crime conviction

Out-of-state court documents show the man charged with killing Scott County resident Celeste McDonald in Jackson earlier this year has a criminal past that includes a sex crime conviction.

Family: Celeste McDonald tried to press charges against accused killer in final days

Those closest to Celeste McDonald maintain she went to the Jackson Police Department for help days before her death, wanting to press charges against the man now charged with killing her.

Watching Your Wallet: Experts say to shop around for the best deals on car insurance and cell phone plans

A NerdWallet financial expert offers tips on saving money on car insurance and cell phone bills: Watch this and don't pay for what you don't need.

  7 injured in 2 days of jail fighting at Raymond Detention Center

Authorities say gang fights led to the uproar.

  What happened to 8-year-old Drake Ray? Coroner says autopsy is not likely to say his death was natural causes

Drake Andrew Ray’s obituary states that he “went to be with Jesus” on April 25 at age 8. His funeral was two days later. And on June 22, his mother, Dacoda Amber Ray, was arrested.But the charge was sexual battery.