Hard News

  More than 50 lives saved from opioid overdose with Narcan

It's been a year since the state launched the Stand Up, Mississippi Opioid Initiative. And the numbers show it's having a positive impact.

Cop shooter, carjacker retrial begins.

Shocking Entergy bill

Tax free weekend draws big shopping numbers

114th returns home safely

Byram construction brings more delays

Unkept property causes problems

Continued Coverage

Car burglars target purses

Burglar standoff ends peacefully

Teen arrested in attempted house burglary

3 Suspected House Burglars Nabbed

Madison mayor questions county engineering fees

Child hit by car released from hospital

Judge Allows Intervention In Sealed Court Case

There's new progress in efforts to uncover the details of a 2007 settlement between Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, and State Farm Insurance.

Personal care home shut down

Personal care home residents moved, manager possibly charged, after major violations uncovered in raid.

Michelle Obama Visits Brinkley Middle School

Michelle Obama draws packed house, promoting childhood obesity initiative.

Levee Board Declines State Adding Members Bill

Levee board votes against bill that would force more members onto board.

Jury selection begins in Stanley Cole murder trial

JSU faculty member recovering from gunshot wounds

Church leaders fight burglaries

More Jackson churches burglarized

Man jailed in Rankin County murder

Burglars target Jackson churches

Signs of improvement in water crisis

Pressure returns to Jackson homes as water system makes recovery.

Water crisis continues in Jackson

Thousands turn out for free water giveaway, while crews continue to repair breaks.

Gunshot victim returns to school

Sanaa Hill returns to school after recovering from gunshot wound to the head.

Congressman Bennie Thompson on airline security

Congressman Bennie Thompson works to improve airline security after bombing attempt.

Woman attacked walking in north Jackson neighborhood

Jackson police search for man who attacked woman in broad daylight.

Ester Davis spends Christmas in new home

In the past year one story that has sparked interest among our viewers is that of 88-Year-Old Ester Davis. She was found living in horrible conditions in rural Scott county last July.

Last-minute shoppers flood malls

Malls crowded as Christmas approaches.

Sanaa Hill's family thank supporters, plea shooter's arrest

Shooting victim's mother and police plea for help in solving case.

Investigation Concluded In Pickering Soccer Scuffle

Madison police say they will wrap up their investigation into an altercation between former Congressman Chip Pickering and a youth soccer coach today.

House rental scam on Craigslist

Craigslist ads offering low rent houses, latest in Internet scams.

Performance Based Budgeting

State agencies that don't meet their goals, could lose funding in the future.This morning the commission for a new Mississippi, made up of lawmakers and agency heads, presented their plan to make government more cost effective.

Grocery shopping surges

Wednesday was the biggest shopping day of the year for many area grocery stores.

Presidents react to budget cuts

Budget cuts create stir at University Presidents meeting.

Hero Android launched as iPhone rival

Android phones, future technology now.

Protestors Target M.D.O.C.

State prison system targeted by protestors.

Kidnapping Arrests, Victim Rescued

Teen rescued after kidnappers arrested by drug agents.

Hit and run victim seeks justice

Accident eyewitness helps victim in seeking justice.

Carla Hughes sentenced to life in prison

Former Jackson school teacher Carla Hughes will spend the rest of her life in prison for the murder of Avis Banks and her unborn child.

Vicksburg Standoff Ends Peacefully

Armed man gives up peacefully, after 3 hour standoff with police.

Recio Sentenced To 1 Year Probation

Bodyguards for late Jackson Mayor Frank Melton will not have to do any jail time for their involvement in the destruction of a Ridgeway street duplex back in 2006.

Birdland shooting victim speaks out

Shooting victim shares story from Birdland attack from 2006.

Carla Hughes Double Murder Trial Begins

Jury selection is now underway in the murder trial of a former Jackson school teacher. Carla Hughes is accused in the 2006 murder of Avis Banks -- who was pregnant at the time.

Hughes Jury Selection Continues

The former Jackson teacher accused of murdering her lovers fiancee was back in court Tuesday. Jury selection continued in the Carla Hughes double capital murder trial in Madison County Court.

Shoplifting case goes To Grand Jury

A Brookhaven woman arrested for stealing jewelry in Ridgeland was back in court Tuesday.

Pull A Part Stolen Car Investigation

Stolen cars discovered at south Jackson used auto parts dealer.

Cash For Clunkers Ends

The government's Cash For Clunkers program is coming to an end. The last day to get a great deal on a fuel efficient new car will be Monday August 24th.

Tax Free Holiday Rules

Tax free holiday comes with rules on what you can purchase.

Brandon makes money mag's top 100

Brandon makes Money Mag's top 100 places to live in America.

Neighborhood struck by car burglaries

Burglars hit multiple cars in Flowood subdivision.

PSC / Public Utilities Shutdown

Public Service Commission and Public Utilities scale way back with no budget.

Big Switch is here!

While you're sleeping Thursday, television as we know it will be changed forever.

Flowood preparing for liquor sales

But it could still be weeks, even months, before the first glass of hard liquor is poured.

Church destroyed by tornado, rebuilt

Volunteers help rebuild tornado ravaged church.

Harvey Johnson wins mayoral election

Democrat and former mayor Harvey Johnson will be returning to the mayor's office after a landslide victory.

Carbon dioxide drilling causing headaches for residents

Residents say carbon dioxide drilling is keeping them up at night.

Alta Woods home neglected

Neglected property draws attention from upset neighbors.

Investigators detail Cole confession in murder trial

Lead investigators testify that Cole confessed to his role in Latasha Norman disappearance.

Jury Seated In Melton Trial

After a week of intense questioning, a jury has been seated in the federal trial of Jackson Mayor Frank Melton.

Prosecution rests in Melton-Recio trial

The government called its last three witnesses to the stand Thursday, wrapping up its case against Mayor Frank Melton and his former bodyguard Michael Recio.

Marcus Wright Testimony Damaging For Mayor

Wrights admits guilt and provides details of Melton's drinking habits to defense attorneys.

Former body guard Marcus Wright testifies against Melton

Key witness Marcus Wright testified Tuesday afternoon against Mayor Melton, amid accusations of witness tampering.

Jurors respond to Melton mistrial

Jurors say there was not a clear majority on any counts, which led to a mistrial.

Crisler accepts defeat in mayoral race

Jackson city councilman Marshand Crisler lost his bid for mayor Tuesday night in a primary runoff election with former mayor Harvey Johnson.

Scrap metal recyclers crack down on copper thefts

Copper theft has been a big problem for the capital city, and new laws have helped crack down on it.

Quality of Life officers program revamped

The Jackson Police Department is hoping to reduce crime by improving relations with residents and businesses. This week they announced that "Quality of Life" officers are returning to the streets.

"Green" homebuilding saves on utilties

Green homes can save owners big bucks in the long run.

Prison job fair draws thousands

A chance at a career in corrections draws thousands of applicants in Natchez.

Armed robber hits 3 gas stations

Jackson police need your help in capturing an armed robber who hit three businesses before lunchtime Thursday.

Melton ballot hearing set for Wednesday

Mayor Frank Melton will have his day in court next week to get his name back on the mayoral election ballot.

Crisler advances to runoff

Ward six Councilman Marshand Crisler will face former Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson in a runoff for the city's top position.

Cars In Yards Ordinance

Ordinance revived to prevent cars in yards.

Fire Destroys Wood Mill

Fire destroys Paper Mill in Kearney park, employees escape without injury.

Melton files papers to run for re-election

As he awaits the feds' decision on whether to ask for a new trial, Frank Melton filed papers to run for re-election as mayor of Jackson.

Sewage Backup Update

A group of South Jackson homeowners who had raw sewage back up into their homes are still trying to get the city to pay for the mess.

King's Dream alive at J.S.U.

J.S.U. students challenged to carry on the King dream.

Family fights murderer's attempts at release

Murder victim family speaks out at killers parole hearing for the 8th time.

Councilman tags graffiti artists

Councilman Stokes plans ordinance, targeting graffiti artists and the businesses they damage.

Last minute shopping

Shoppers fill malls at last minute, bargain hunting.