Consider This

  Consider This: Support the Sanderson Farms Championship

The Sanderson Farms Championship is underway

  Consider This: Safety on the Water

If an accident happens, the chances of surviving are much, much better for the person who is wearing a life jacket

  CONSIDER THIS: Vote Tuesday

If you didn’t vote in the primary election, you can vote Tuesday in either party runoff.

  CONSIDER THIS: Revamp the Driver License Program

Whether Watson wins or Democratic challenge Johnny Dupree fills the seat, putting the Mississippi Driver License program under the Secretary of State office deserves strong consideration.

  CONSIDER THIS: Stop Juuling

If you’re not familiar with the Juul product, it is one of the most popular e-cigarettes and looks like a flash drive or electronics charger.

  CONSIDER THIS: Hemp Agriculture

Agriculture is the biggest industry in Mississippi.

  CONSIDER THIS: Making Wise Choices

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, it’s an appropriate time to remind everyone of the importance of doing your homework to understand the positions of the candidates.

  CONSIDER THIS: The National Anthem

WLBT returned to what was once a daily tradition on TV and radio stations across the country when the Star Spangled Banner played at sign-off of the broadcast day.

  CONSIDER THIS: Taking Back Our Streets

WLBT is in downtown Jackson so every day we get to see firsthand the challenges facing the capital city, but also the many improvements taking place.

  Consider This: Jackson Airport Decisions

Carl Newman, former CEO of the Jackson Airport, did an impressive job improving airport operations over the four years he spent in that position.

  Consider This: Our State Flag

Some of the candidates for statewide office are putting forward the idea that its past time to change our flag.

  Guest Editorial: Unite Mississippi

In that same spirit of coming together, this Saturday at 6 pm Unite Mississippi is hosting a night of unity at Veterans Memorial Stadium. All races. All denominations. Everyone is invited to come together and unite under the banner of the Cross.

  CONSIDER THIS: One Lake Project

One Lake would be a game changing project for the metro, so hopefully proponents can provide the information necessary to remove those concerns and the project can move forward.

Consider This: Sanderson Farms Championship

Mississippi now has a stand-alone PGA tournament that will take place the week of September 16th.

  Consider This: Teacher Pay Increase

The state legislature has been going back and forth on plans to raise teacher pay, but nothing has been finalized.

Consider This: Community Improvement District

People who live in these districts would vote to tax themselves to pay for community upgrades, which could be enhanced security, road improvements and other options that would benefit the neighborhood.

  Consider This: Visit Jackson

WLBT is partnering with Visit Jackson to help promote some of the positive attributes of the capital city.

CONSIDER THIS: Visit Jackson

WLBT is partnering with Visit Jackson to help promote some of the positive attributes of the capital city.


There’s a federal law prohibiting the phone number spoofing and call blocking, but no such state law. Now the state lawmakers are moving to enact a state law so local and state agencies can go after these criminals as well.

  Consider This: We Can Be Better

Sometimes we offer editorials that are critical of things happening in Mississippi.

Consider This: Mississippi License Plate

Have you seen the new design for the Mississippi license plate?

  Consider This: Murders are Destroying Jackson

Consider This is an expression of opinion by the editorial committee of WLBT and is presented by Vice President and General Manager Ted Fortenberry.

  Consider This: Upgrade the Coliseum

The legislature is back in session and if you’re headed towards the Capitol, you will pass the Mississippi Coliseum and Fairgrounds.

  Consider This: Fix the crime issues in 2019

As we have shared in several editorials, until the city of Jackson addresses and fixes the crime issues, all the other improvements will be less impactful.

  Consider This: Serving in public office

It is often difficult to convince people to run for political office. It is a huge commitment of someone’s time for very little pay.

  CONSIDER THIS: Commission Appointments

The Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review, known as PEER, met this week to review the results of a study that focused on Visit Jackson.

  CONSIDER THIS: 2019 Will Be Interesting

It’s great that there are funds to give teachers and other work groups pay raises. They deserve it. In fact, with proper money management that should happen every year. What’s interesting is the money available to pay for the raises for some of the largest employee groups in the state, conveniently


Whenever you can, shop local. It gets a lot of attention during the Holidays, but it will have impact that positively impacts towns and communities well into the New Year.

  CONSIDER THIS: Be Thankful

Even with the issues we face, and the divisiveness happening across the political spectrum, this is still the greatest country on Earth.

  CONSIDER THIS: Being Civil and Respectful

In an SNL skit from the previous week, Davidson joked about Crenshaw and an eye-patch he wears. He lost his eye in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan. His third tour.

  CONSIDER THIS: Record Turnout

Nearly 900,000 Mississippians voted on Tuesday, setting a record for turnout in a mid-term election.

  CONSIDER THIS: Vote Tuesday

We have two U.S. Senate seats, which is very unique, Congressional seats, Judges and other local races on the ballot next Tuesday. Unlike the chances of winning the lottery, the odds are very good that you’ll be affected by the decisions of the people elected to represent us.

  CONSIDER THIS: Forest Hill Band Sanctions

Fortunately, the band can continue to play in the stands, march in parades and the concert band can compete in the state competition.

  CONSIDER THIS: Hurricane Michael

People in Mississippi were not killed nor injured by Michael. But in Florida it is a different story. People have lost their family. Many people are hurt. Their homes damaged or flooded. Lots of property has been lost.

  CONSIDER THIS: State Lottery

Even though you have a better chance of being bitten by a shark, it’s still fun to dream about turning $2 into multi-millions.

  CONSIDER THIS: Senate Debate

WLBT, in partnership with the Clarion Ledger, offered Senate candidates Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mike Espy and Chris McDaniel the opportunity to participate in a debate to discuss the issues that are important to Mississippians.

  Consider This: Forest Hill Performance

The halftime performance of the Forest Hill band in Brookhaven was not only inconsiderate and insensitive, it is one of the most out-of-touch moments I can recall. Not only was it inappropriate for the Brookhaven game, it is inappropriate at any time.

  CONSIDER THIS: Appreciating Police Officers

With any group – doctors, teachers, politicians, professional athletes, pastors and priests, the media or any other job category you want to name – there are people who make poor decisions and bring negative attention to their profession.

  Consider This: Time to pick up your trash

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District is addressing the trash issue at the Reservoir spillway, proposing that everyone fishing from the banks of the waterway have a dedicated trash receptacle.

  CONSIDER THIS: Hunter Safety

Fall officially begins this weekend and although the temperature feels more like July, the cooler weather will be here soon. That means many people are getting ready for hunting season.

  CONSIDER THIS: Helping after Hurricane Florence

WLBT has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide information on how options to help people dealing with the effects of the storm. You can go to to learn more or you can simply text the word Florence to 90999 and $10 will be donated specifically to Florence relief efforts.