Head of second-largest teachers’ union to call for schools to reopen for in-person classes

Most schools have less than a month left before they release for summer break.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

  COVID-19 in Mississippi: 362 new cases reported Thurs.

  EXPLAINER: How COVID-19 vaccines will work for kids in US

  Taming the virus: US deaths hit lowest level in 10 months

  US advisers endorse Pfizer COVID shot for kids 12 and up

  Schools ditch student mask requirements in growing numbers

  Vaccine passports and summer travel: What we know

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  COVID-19 pet boom has veterinarians backlogged, burned out

  Panel suggests WHO should have more power to stop pandemics

  Younger adolescents get ready to receive COVID-19 vaccine

  Dracula’s castle proves an ideal setting for COVID-19 jabs

  COVID poll: Americans going out more, wearing masks less

  Medicare requires nursing homes to report COVID vaccinations

  COVID-19 vaccine booster shots will be free, official says

David Kessler, the chief science officer, made that statement in front of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

  Mississippi is last in nation for COVID-19 vaccinations, CDC data shows

COVID-19 vaccination data from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows Mississippi is lagging behind all other states in the country.

  Scores of dead bodies found floating in India’s Ganges River

Images on social media of the bodies floating in the river prompted outrage and speculation that they died from COVID-19.

  McDonald’s changing its coffee cups to promote COVID-19 vaccines

McDonald's plans to promote COVID-19 vaccines with redesigned coffee cups.

  US schools fight to keep students amid fear of dropout surge

  Poll: Most in US who remain unvaccinated need convincing

  Pfizer COVID-19 shot expanded to US children as young as 12

  States push jobless from virus recession to return to work

  80% of Americans live within 5 miles of all 3 COVID vaccines

COVID restrictions lifted for Jackson businesses; mask mandate remains in place

  Parents fight college students’ suspension over lack of off-campus face coverings

The students parents' say their suspension meant they forfeited the entire semester’s grades and $16,000 in tuition.

  Vax Live concert raises $302 million, exceeds vaccine goal

Vax Live was one of the largest concert gatherings in Southern California since the coronavirus pandemic roiled the world more than a year ago.

  States scale back vaccine orders as interest in shots wanes

More than 150 million Americans — about 57% of the adult population — have received at least one dose of vaccine.

EU says US stand on patent virus waiver is no ‘magic bullet’

The U.S. has kept a tight lid on exports of American-made vaccines so it can inoculate its own population first.

  EU agrees to potential 1.8 billion-dose purchase of Pfizer jab

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted that her office “has just approved a contract for a guaranteed 900 million doses” with the same amount of doses as a future option.

  NYC still storing COVID-19 victims in refrigerated trucks

The city’s medical examiner’s office said Friday that 750 bodies are being kept in long-term storage in refrigerated trailers at a Brooklyn pier while family members sort out plans for their final resting places.

  WHO panel OKs emergency use of China’s Sinopharm vaccine

The decision by a WHO technical advisory group — a first for a Chinese vaccine — opens the possibility that Sinopharm’s offering could be included in the U.N.-backed COVAX program in coming weeks or months and distributed through UNICEF and the WHO’s Americas regional office.

  Pfizer aims for full FDA approval of vaccine

That gives Pfizer and German partner BioNTech a shot at winning the first full approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  Pressure rises for India lockdown; COVID surge breaks record again

Many medical experts, opposition leaders and even Supreme Court judges are calling for national restrictions, arguing that a patchwork of state rules is insufficient to quell the rise in infections.

  Some restaurant owners claim they’re having trouble finding workers during the pandemic

Some employees have left the restaurant industry for good amid the perils of the pandemic, which exposed workers to the coronavirus and uncooperative patrons.

  Support grows for IP waiver on virus vaccines; snags remain

The move to support waiving intellectual property protections on vaccines under World Trade Organization rules marked a dramatic shift for the United States — and drew cheers from activists, complaints from Big Pharma, and a lot of questions about what comes next.

  Moderna: Vaccine boosters likely needed every 9-12 months

Moderna says vaccine recipients will likely need a booster for new variants.

CDC sets rules for trial cruises with volunteer passengers

Cruise lines can soon begin trial voyages in U.S. waters.

  Canada authorizes Pfizer vaccine for age 12 and older

Canada is the first country to authorize Pfizer for ages 12 to 15. The U.S. and the European Union are also reviewing it.

Elderly woman dies from COVID-19 in Nebraska, despite being vaccinated

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, a woman in her 80s with underlying medical conditions developed COVID-19 and was hospitalized more than 14 days after completing a vaccination series with the Pfizer vaccine.

  What COVID-era travel changes are likely here to stay?

The pandemic has changed the standards for working on the road and cleanliness on airplanes.

  ‘GetVax’: Text for locations to get COVID vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday that nearly 148 million people have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, with over 106 million fully vaccinated.

  COVID’s US toll projected to drop sharply by the end of July

COVID-19 deaths, hospitalizations and cases have been plummeting since January.

  Are Biden’s COVID vaccination goals doable?

Biden is focusing on three areas to increase vaccination rates.

  State Health Officer: We’re getting gradually closer to normalcy and a mask-free future

Overall, a message filled with more hope but an urgency for folks not to keep sitting on the sidelines waiting for the vaccine.

  Pfizer expects to file for full FDA approval of its COVID vaccine in May

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine currently has emergency authorization for use from the FDA.

  Family claims flight home denied after son with autism couldn’t wear mask

The family says they had to drive home in a rental car. What should have been an hourlong plane ride turned into a nearly six-hour drive.

  FDA expected to OK Pfizer vaccine for teens within week

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for young adults age 12 and older by next week, setting up shots for many before the beginning of the next school year.

  COVID-19 restrictions easing in US and Europe amid disaster in India

In the U.S., the average number of new cases per day fell below 50,000 for the first time since October, and nearly 1.67 million people were screened at U.S. airport checkpoints on Sunday.

  Germany cancels Oktoberfest for 2nd year over virus fears

Bavarian Governor Markus Soeder said it was with “heavy hearts” that they decided to call off the festival.

  Restaurant survival hopes pick up as $28.6B in grants begin

Thousands of restaurants and bars decimated by the COVID-19 outbreak have a better chance at survival as the government begins handing out $28.6 billion in grants — money to help these small businesses stay afloat while they wait for customers to return.

  US to launch trade talks on COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Two White House officials say the U.S. trade representative will begin talks in the World Trade Organization on ways to overcome intellectual property issues that are keeping poorer countries from making their own generic version of critically needed COVID-19 vaccines.

  India launches effort to inoculate all adults against COVID

India has opened vaccinations to all adults in hopes of taming a monstrous spike in COVID-19 infections.

  Hospital fire kills 18 virus patients as India steps up jabs

A fire in a COVID-19 hospital ward in western India has killed 18 patients as the country grappling with the worst outbreak yet steps up a vaccination drive for all its adults even though some states say don’t have enough jabs.

  US to restrict travel from India over COVID starting Tuesday

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden’s administration made the determination on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  TSA extends mask mandate on planes to September

The rule was set to expire May 11 but will now run through Sept. 13.

  Number of Americans fully vaccinated tops 100 million

The reopening and similar steps elsewhere around the country reflect increasing optimism as COVID-19 deaths tumble and the ranks of the vaccinated grow.

  Disneyland reopens as California emerges from virus depths

Disneyland is reopening after a 13-month closure.

  Dr. Fauci: Be sure to get 2nd dose of vaccines

Dr. Anthony Fauci says it's important for those getting one of the two-dose vaccines to complete their course to gain maximum protection against the virus.

  US officials: Anxiety drove vaccine reactions in 5 states

The CDC found that about a quarter of the people reporting side effects had similar things happen following past vaccinations.

  Why vaccine hesitancy in young adults matters

A poll released Thursday found 31 percent of adults under the age of 35 don’t plan on getting vaccinated.

  Free rides, beer and savings bonds: Vaccinators get creative

Public health officials say the efforts are crucial to reach people who haven’t been vaccinated yet.

  Moderna ups COVID vaccine production

The drugmaker says it wants to produce up to a billion doses in 2021.

  Graphic: Indians turn to black market, unproven drugs as virus surges

As India faces a devastating surge of new coronavirus infections overwhelming its health care system, people are taking desperate measures to try to keep loved ones alive.

  Report: Cruises could resume sailing in mid-July

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said eliminating risk on cruises isn’t possible, so the idea is to mitigate it with a blend of testing, quarantine and vaccination.

  EU to hold hearing in case against AstraZeneca

The European Commission says it’s taking the British-Swedish firm to court for failing to respect the vaccine delivery commitments in its contract with the 27-nation bloc.

  Only 52% of Mississippi parents intend to vaccinate their children against COVID-19

Mississippi will resume the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after a temporary halt.

  Kansas City pub gives out shots (vaccines, that is)

This week the Bier Station in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood brewed up a COVID vaccination event after more than 1,000 doses became available.

  AP analysis: The expected COVID baby boom may be a baby bust

Births have fallen dramatically in many states during the coronavirus outbreak, according to an Associated Press analysis of preliminary data from half the country.

  Private school warns teachers against COVID-19 vaccines in Fla.

In a letter sent to students’ parents, the school discourages teachers and staff from getting the COVID-19 vaccines or to wait until the end of the school year.

  CDC says many Americans can now go outside without a mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the updated guidance Tuesday in yet another carefully calibrated step on the road back to normal from the coronavirus outbreak that has killed over 570,000 people in U.S.

  ‘More normal lifestyle’ coming for the vaccinated, HHS chief says

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra says people who are vaccinated against COVID will be able to go back to a more normal life.

  Harry and Meghan to lead ‘Vax Live’ fundraising concert

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will appear at “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World.”

  1st grader from Minnesota dies of COVID-19 complications

Minnesota health officials have reported an increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations of children, as the more contagious B117 variant spreads throughout the state.

  California man hospitalized with clot after J&J vaccination

Federal officials lifted an 11-day pause on use of the single-shot vaccine Friday, saying the benefits outweighed the risks.

  Pennsylvania elementary school coronavirus outbreak may be due to faulty ventilation system

An investigation is underway to see if a faulty ventilation system is to blame for a COVID-19 outbreak at an elementary school in Pennsylvania.

  Continental Europe could allow US tourists back this summer

EU officials said Monday they are completing plans to allow Americans back this summer, depending on the course of the outbreak on both sides of the Atlantic.

  CDC issues new COVID-19 guidelines for summer camps

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has new guidelines for what summer camps should look like this year.

  EU launches legal action against vaccine-maker AstraZeneca

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been central to Europe’s immunization campaign, and a linchpin in the global strategy to get vaccines to poorer countries.

  Spanish man charged with infecting 22 people with COVID-19

He has been charged with intentionally causing injury after allegedly infecting at least five coworkers and three people at the gym, who then infected their family members.

  With OK from experts, some states resume use of J&J vaccine

Among the other states ordering or recommending a resumption, along with Indiana, were New York, Virginia, Missouri and Michigan.

  From scarcity to abundance: US faces calls to share vaccines

This stark access gap is prompting increased calls across the world for the U.S. to start shipping vaccine supplies to poorer countries.

  Walmart customer accused of attacking teenaged employee over mask policy

Walmart has required customers to wear masks at all stores since July.