Ovarian cancer claims tireless advocate Lori Newcomb

Ovarian cancer has claimed the life of a Jackson woman who devoted much of her time to cancer awareness and prevention.

Great Granddaughter of Henrietta Lacks discusses access to quality healthcare in Jackson

Annual zumbathon held to raise money in fight against breast cancer

Pink Up: Perry Co. woman is four-time cancer survivor

  Dance competition raises awareness of childhood cancer

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Requirements for Hair

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Male Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer : Ask The Right Questions

Breast Cancer: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Tips : Examining Yourself for Skin Cancer

One of the best protections again skin cancer is to examine your skin regularly. Here are some tips on what to look for, courtesy of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Research Spots 5 Potential Breast Cancer Genes

A new review of various studies has identified five gene variants possibly linked to breast cancer.

Fighting Cancer With Aspirin?

You can use it to prevent a heart attack, reduce a fever, and ... fight cancer? New research reveals one of the oldest drugs around, aspirin, may lead to new weapons in the battle against cancer.

The Best Way To Support A Friend With Cancer

One in every three women will be diagnosed with cancer over the course of her life. More than 33 percent of these diagnoses will result from breast cancer, making it the most common cancer to affect women.

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