Belhaven University builds COVID-19 testing facility on campus

One Mississippi university has built a COVID-19 testing facility on it’s campus, and it’s located in the Capital City.

  Mississippi’s vaccine demand exceeds supply

New, potentially more contagious strain of COVID-19 found in Tennessee

More appointments made available for COVID-19 vaccine through revised website

  Clinton Public School District reports 9 more COVID-19 cases

Mississippi bill would find anyone who performs an abortion guilty of murder

  Gov. Reeves: 95 percent of nursing homes to have access to vaccine by end of January

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  Vaccines redirected away from hospitals as Gov. Reeves casts doubts on distribution timeline

After fighting COVID-19 for 136 days, woman tells story of survival

Gov. Reeves expands mask mandate, alters counties

  TODAY at 11: Benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet

  Mississippi’s mask mandates set to expire Friday

  U.S. Surgeon General talks COVID-19 with the medical academic community

Fewer people in Black community getting COVID-19 vaccine in Mississippi

In Mississippi, only 15% of vaccinations have been Black people while 63% are white.

  Ultraviolet robots helping keep things sanitized

Ultraviolet light has been used for years as a disinfectant and hospitals have been using next generation robotics equipped with UV light to keep things clean.

  JSU: 5 employees, 19 students test positive for COVID-19

JSU says the campus will undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitizing to ensure the safety of all.

  Thousands of vaccine doses intended for state’s most vulnerable still waiting to be administered

While Mississippi’s COVID-19 vaccine supply dries up for those seeking new appointments, tens of thousands of doses sit unused for the state’s residents who live in long-term care facilities because of ill-equipped national pharmacy chains at the helm.

MSDH not accepting any more COVID-19 vaccination appointments until mid-February

Gov. Reeves receives COVID vaccine

  Mississippians 65+ and those with pre-existing conditions now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

  Reeves on vaccine rollout: ‘We’re working ahead of schedule’

  Mississippi Veterans rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated

Gov. Reeves calls for expansion of drive-thru vaccine clinics in response to slow rollout

One Gulfport Walmart closing Saturday for deep cleaning

Walmart’s Neighborhood Market location on Hwy 49 will close Friday, Jan. 8 at 2 p.m. to thoroughly clean and sanitize the building.

  Record number of COVID-19 cases reported in Mississippi

Mississippi set a new record for daily COVID-19 cases on Thursday.

  Nurse practitioner and clergy urge African-Americans to take COVID-19 vaccine

Some in the African-American community are apprehensive about taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

  Health care facility administers COVID-19 vaccine to elderly and front liners

Patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine will return in about two weeks for the second dose.

  Mississippi National Guard helps deliver coronavirus vaccine

Mississippi soldiers continue their role in fighting to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

  Physicians hoping to dispel vaccination distrust amongst Black community

Black doctors and the vaccine

  More than 23,000 Mississippians have now received the COVID vaccine

Reeves says he and the officials at the Department of Health are working to speed up the rollout.

  Some Mississippi care facilities already receiving coronavirus vaccine

Shots for the general public could be available near the first of next month.

  ‘It’s safe, effective’: Health officials, governor urge quick vaccines for Mississippians

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves held his first press conference in weeks regarding COVID-19 in his state.

Mississippi announces vaccinations for 75+ available next week, 65+ soon after

As Mississippi healthcare workers begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations this week, everyone is asking when the state’s schedule will open up to other high-risk groups.

  Woman thankful to make it to 2021 after startling cancer diagnosis

Sitting on the newly established Biloxi boardwalk, a young woman gathered with her family. Her name is Amiee Carter, and it’s a miracle she’s here to smile in the first few days of 2021.

Man returns home after being hospitalized with coronavirus, looks ahead to 2021

The virus nearly killed Nolan Valenti twice. He spent months in the ICU on a ventilator but finally made it back home just a couple weeks ago.

Longest-serving mayor in Mississippi dies of COVID-19

Dock Gabbert of Derma died at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Columbus, Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant said.

  UMMC braced for a tough couple of months ahead

UMMC leaders discuss the hospital's status and expectations for another surge.

  UMMC: COVID-19 expected to worsen in Mississippi

Wednesday, the state health department reported a record number of 3,023 new coronavirus cases.

Miss. State Dept. of Health to give update on vaccine distribution

The Mississipi State Department of Health will announce on Wednesday the new locations of where the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered.

  Post-Thanksgiving surge in patients, COVID-19 tests push local clinics to their limits

As health officials wait to see whether Mississippi’s Christmas gatherings will push coronavirus cases even higher, Tuesday’s record number of reported COVID-19 deaths bring the state even closer to an unfortunate milestone: 1,000 deaths in one month.

  With Miss. healthcare system overwhelmed with new admissions, leaders search for ways to keep going

Crisis standards of care are being activated in Mississippi.

  MSNG administers first doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to front line service members

Mississippi is one of sixteen states identified by the Department of Defense to receive the Moderna vaccine from its distribution allotment during Phase IA.

  Dobbs: COVID-19 vaccine timeline hard to determine due to uncertainty of supply

With Tuesday’s 79 reported coronavirus deaths reaching an all-time high, state health leaders aim to prevent COVID-19 transmission as best they can through the traditional ways -- masks, social distancing -- while waiting on enough vaccine doses to defeat the virus outright.

  Store employee arrested after refusal to wear mask

Chief Darian Murray says the woman, an employee at Tractor Supply Co., was arrested for failure to comply.

Governor extends mask mandate to all but 4 counties

The executive order will be in place until Friday, January 15.

  Dobbs reports record number of COVID-19 deaths, announces new Moderna vaccine distribution plans

In a press conference Tuesday morning, MSDH reported 79 new deaths that State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs says were unnecessary.

‘It’s Russian roulette,’ says Alabama paramedic recovering from COVID-19 & pushing for workers’ comp

She worked for months transporting and treating COVID-19 patients while carefully wearing layers of PPE and following all of the protocols to protect herself from the virus, but then it happened.

  Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine expected to be shipped to healthcare facilities in the state this week

Several thousand of doses the Moderna vaccine could be shipped to facilities by Wednesday.

  Canceled Christmas parties take holiday strain on restaurants that host them

2020 has ruined a lot of things, not the least of which is the holiday party circuit.

  Conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccine gain traction among Mississippians on social media

Even though it’ll be months before most Mississippians can get the coronavirus vaccine, a quick scroll through social media shows several don’t want it because they don’t trust it.

  Baptist-DeSoto Hospital gets Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday

Baptist-Desoto Hospital in Southaven, Mississippi will receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday and start administering it to staff Wednesday.

Mother who lost both daughters to COVID-19 is hopeful as vaccines are on the way

One mother is heartbroken over the death of her two daughters but remains hopeful for the future as vaccines are on the way.

  Miss. pediatrician says older teens should take vaccine when available

Health officials say it could late spring or early summer before that happens when more doses of the vaccine are available to the public.

  ‘Felt like a butterfly’: Miss. health leaders receive first doses of vaccine

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs received the first Coronavirus vaccine in Mississippi during an afternoon live stream.

South Mississippi mayor dies from complications of COVID-19

The mayor of a South Mississippi city has died after being hospitalized due to double pneumonia just weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

  Local residents have mixed feelings about taking COIVD-19 vaccine

As federal officials begin rolling out the first batch of Pfizer’s vaccine, some Mississippians are excited that a vaccine is now available.

FedEx plane lands in Memphis with first vaccine shipment

FedEx is playing a key role in transporting and delivering COVID-19 vaccines across the nation.

  Madison County teen creates hugging booths allowing families to hug their loved ones safely

Cooper Williams, of Madison County, created the hugging booths as part of his Eagles Scout Project.

  Multiple events held at MS State Fairgrounds; all groups exceed governor’s executive order limits

Government Tate Reeves new order said indoor events should be limited to 10 people or less.

  ‘Mississippians are dying:’ DNC member challenges Gov. Reeves on COVID-19 response

The scathing statement from Committeewoman Jacqueline Amos says Governor Reeves’ priorities are not with the health of Mississippians.

MEMA director tests positive for COVID-19

Mississippi Emergency Management Director Gregory Michel has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Coronavirus deaths surpass 4,000 in Mississippi

Mississippi, with a population of about 3 million, has reported at least 4,017 deaths from COVID-19 as of Monday evening.

  Pharmacies recruiting COVID-19 vaccine workers

Pharmacies hiring Covid vaccine workers

World Health Organization: Please no hugging over the holidays

To date, America has seen 15.2 million COVID-19 cases with over 285 thousand Americans dying from the virus.

  Dr. Dobbs plans to be one of first to receive COVID vaccine to encourage others to get vaccinated

Mississippi Covid vaccines to be administered next week

  Employees could be required to take COVID-19 vaccination if employers make it mandatory

Employees would be required to do so because Mississippi is an at-will state.

Tentative plans made to distribute almost 4,000 vaccinations to UMMC staff next week

A memo was sent Tuesday afternoon announcing the news.

  Dobbs, Byers to be first in line for COVID-19 vaccinations

State health leaders are discussing the spike in COVID-19 in Mississippi.

State health officials working to dispel COVID-19 vaccination rumors

State health officials say plans are in the works to educate residents on COVID-19 vaccination.

  The pandemic’s stress on the healthcare system is not discouraging to nursing students

Across the country, and especially in Mississippi, there is a noticeable shortage of nurses.

Broken Heart Syndrome on the Rise Amid Pandemic

Since the pandemic started, more people are landing in the Emergency Room experiencing Broken Heart Syndrome. A closer look at why a local doctor believes this is happening and what can be done about it.

Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi calls to suspend all in-person worship

He called the decision heartbreaking but necessary.

COVID-19 cases, daily hospitalizations surge to all-time highs despite warnings from state health experts

13 major medical centers in the state have no intensive-care unit beds, according to Dr. Dobbs

‘This is ridiculous’: Mike Espy scolds Mississippians as state breaks new virus record

This was the state’s highest daily total of new infections since the pandemic began.

UMMC: ‘We are full. These non-essential gatherings are killing us.’

The state’s largest hospital said it has a total of 700 beds and 765 patients. In the Intensive Care Unit, all 92 beds are full, 18 of which have COVID-19 patients. There are 65 additional COVID-19 patients outside the ICU, UMMC says.

  More than half of Mississippi’s counties under enhanced COVID-19 restrictions as hospitals feel strain

Reeves doesn’t think his decision making is in conflict with those calling for a statewide mask mandate.

  Gov. Reeves adds 13 counties to mask mandate

Monday, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said hospitalizations are at a record high, above the previous peak in August, and expected to continue rising.

  Students return to in-person learning after COVID outbreaks

Brandon and Puckett High Schools also returned to in person learning on Monday as well.

  Vicksburg mayor calls for statewide mask mandate

Vicksurg Mayor George Flaggs is extending the mask mandate and his city and calling for a statewide mandate.

‘God is bigger than government:’ Gov. Reeves remains opposed to limiting church attendance

“With all the things we can be thankful for in this season, I am especially grateful for our God-given religious liberty,” Reeves wrote in a Facebook post.

COVID-19 hospitalizations at all-time high in Mississippi

Last week, the Mississippi Department of Health reported an “extraordinary rise” in hospital admissions over the previous two weeks.