COVID-19 in Mississippi: 410 new cases reported Thurs.

The number of presumed positive coronavirus cases in Mississippi continues to rise.

  Pause on J&J vaccine not expected to have drastic impact on vaccination rates in Miss.

Mississippi parents call NY baseball tournament’s vaccine requirement a ‘complete scam’

42K J&J vaccines administered in Miss., MSDH encourages ‘pause,’ not fear

  Mississippi’s Hispanic community lagging behind in COVID-19 vaccinations

  Brandon’s biggest concert since pandemic began canceled

  Large swaths of rural America are health care deserts with too few primary care doctors, pediatricians, and OB-GYNs to care for residents

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Gulf Coast restaurant owner ponders the need for more employees

Diners at Pascagoula seafood restaurant might have been exposed to hepatitis A

Morgan Freeman: ‘If you trust me, you’ll get the vaccine’

Gov. Abbott Executive Order prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas

  State agencies partner to get vaccines to homebound older adults

Insurance comparison co. names Ridgeland ‘fittest city in Mississippi’

  State health officials urge you not to wait for a specific vaccine

The weekly COVID-19 update with the Department of Health and State Medical Association includes a positive outlook.

  Community partners needed to host vaccination sites in rural and underserved areas of Miss.

The Mississippi State Department of Health is reaching out to community partners to help get the COVID-19 vaccine to rural and minority areas.

SC proposal would bar employers from requiring COVID vaccine

South Carolina lawmakers are considering a proposal to prevent employers from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for workers.

  MSDH issues last-minute guidelines for worship services ahead of Easter Sunday

While Mississippi’s average coronavirus cases remain at nine-month lows, state health leaders are concerned about the possibility of COVID-19 outbreaks during this weekend’s Easter services.

  Healthcare workers reflect on the first year and look ahead to year two of fighting COVID-19

  Mississippi parents share different opinions on whether children should get vaccinated

‘No thank you, Mr. President’: Gov. Reeves says Miss. will not reinstate mask mandate

MSDH lists singing in church as a ‘high-risk activity’ ahead of Easter services

  Local restaurants struggle to keep staffing

2 new COVID variants discovered in Mississippi

  COVID-19: The Toll on the Unborn Part 2

In Part 2 of our special report, COVID-19 The Toll on the Unborn we talk with Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Rachel Morris about coronavirus and how it impacts pregnancies.

  COVID-19: The toll on the unborn

In an Exclusive 3 On Your Side Investigates we talk with a local psychologist about the loss of her second daughter to COVID-19. She wants to help other pregnant mothers understand the dangers of the coronavirus.

  Co-Lin goes back to full time traditional classes in the fall

Copiah-Lincoln Community College will return to full-time traditional classes in the fall, while leaving a healthy online catalog in place for those who aren't ready to return just yet.

  Reeves: ‘Vaccine hesitancy’ making it harder to get more shots in Mississippians’ arms

State leaders and health experts remain concerned about vaccine demand slowing down because of something Gov. Reeves called “vaccine hesitancy.”

Drive-through vaccine sites closed Thursday

Many drive-through vaccination sites will be closed Thursday, March 24, across Mississippi due to the threat of severe weather.

  Homebound residents express challenges with getting access to COVID-19 vaccine

MSDH encourages individuals who are homebound or disable to call their physician to aid in this endeavor or a hospital in the COE program.

  Many in Mississippi still dealing with long-term COVID side effects

Many who survived the virus are still dealing with mild to more serious long-term effects.

MSDH to update ‘confusing and misleading’ script read to those scheduling vaccine appointments

A case of miscommunication is the reason behind a man believing he was told that there was “no documented proof” that the Moderna vaccine works, MSDH says.

  Expert: State’s health care system starting to ‘crumble’ from pandemic, other factors

An expert on the subject says the state’s health care system has started to crumble from the coronavirus pandemic and other factors.

  Mississippi surpasses 1M vaccine doses given out

The state has administered a million shots so far, Governor Tate Reeves announced Monday.

  US data shows AstraZeneca vaccine effective for all adults

The early findings from the U.S. study are just one set of information AstraZeneca must submit to the Food and Drug Administration.

V.A. offers walk-in vaccines for vets Monday, no appointment required

A limited number of vaccines are available to eligible veterans.

More than 3K inmates vaccinated in Mississippi

More than 3,000 inmates in Mississippi received a vaccine dose Friday.

  South African COVID variant found in Mississippi; could impact effectiveness of vaccine

Health officials identified a new variant strain of COVID-19 that was found in Mississippi.

  Analysis: Percentage of COVID-19 vaccinations in Issaquena County ranks lowest in Mississippi

While Issaquena County ranked lowest in our analysis, several heavily populated Mississippi counties rank among the highest in the state.

Mississippi health leaders plan to do more COVID-19 variant surveillance

So far, they have identified nine cases and all of them are the U.K. strain.

CVS to begin vaccine distribution in Mississippi

CVS Health will soon offer COVID-19 vaccines in Mississippi.

  EXPLAINER: Will you need a ‘vaccine passport’ to travel?

Technology companies and travel-related trade groups are developing and testing various versions of the vaccine passports, also called health certificates or travel passes.

  Vaccines open to all Mississippians Tuesday

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves says COVID-19 vaccines will be open to all Mississippians beginning March 16.

  ‘Right time to do it’: Health experts explain decision to open vaccines to all

Anyone over 16 years old can now apply to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

  South Mississippi woman battles breast cancer during COVID-19

According to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 13% of women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime, but one South Mississippi woman never thought she would be in that number.

Dr. Dobbs: Maybe Mississippi proms should be pushed back until the summer

Many proms in Mississippi were canceled last year due to the pandemic.

Fear, Facts, Future: The COVID-19 Vaccine Explained Live from Tuskegee

Despite three COVID 19 vaccines readily available, many people are still skeptical about getting them.

  Mississippi county has 3x the national average of babies born with a low birth weight

The town of Mayersville in Issaquena County has no hospitals and the healthcare is inconsistent, especially for mothers and mothers-to-be.

  Kids get back to sports one year after start of COVID in Mississippi

A few dozen other kids of all ages took the court at the Boys & Girls Club on West Capitol Street on Monday night, bringing back basketball after a full tear.

  ‘Encouraging and promising’ outlook as Miss. nears one-year COVID anniversary

The Mississippi Department of Health briefs the state concerning the one-year-anniversary of the first COVID-19 case.

  Today at 11: Personalizing your plate

March is National Nutrition Month, and registered dietitians invite you to learn more about healthful eating for you and your family.

All Mississippians age 16+ can now get COVID-19 vaccinations

Private providers and pharmacies are also offering the vaccine. Call for availability.

Mississippi opens COVID vaccines for anyone 50+

COVID-19 vaccinations are now open to anyone 50 years old and above, Governor Tate Reeves announced Thursday morning.

  Churches and medical facilities work together to get vaccines to the African American community

Vaccine impact has tripled in the African American community since its limited early availability.

EXPLAINER: Why did Gov. Reeves terminate his COVID executive orders?

To Reeves, the only thing that justified the executive actions that took place over the course of last year was to protect the healthcare system.

  Masks ‘recommended’ but not mandated in Miss.; Businesses now unrestricted

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is massively scaling back COVID-19 protocols in Mississippi.

  Colon cancer becoming more of a risk for those under 50

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month - a kind of cancer diagnosis that’s now seeming to affect even young people. Actor Chadwick Boseman lost his battle to colon cancer at just 43 years old.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US

Flu has virtually disappeared from the U.S., with reports coming in at far lower levels than anything seen in decades.

Teachers, first responders can get COVID vaccine starting March 1

Cases have been dropping in the state, a “welcome trend,” according to State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs.

  Could diet ward off some brain diseases?

Dr. Nicolas Bazan of LSU Health New Orleans says food is linked to brain health.

Second dose anxiety continues after winter storms close vaccine sites

Now, doctors said they have little information about what will happen if that window is not met.

  Vaccines roll out to sites in underserved areas of the Jackson-metro

Those eager to roll up their sleeves for COVID-19 vaccine are finding it now more accessible in the Jackson area.

  Health officials working with Black Mississippians to improve vaccination rate

The panel includes the nation’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, as well as Mississippi State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs, Central Mississippi Chief Operating Officer Dr. Obie McNair and University of Mississippi Medical Center Cardiologist Dr. Myrna Alexander Nickens.

  COVID-19 hospitalizations in Mississippi drop 55% over five weeks

Now other issues are filling hospital beds, mostly trauma-related ones like stroke or heart failure.

South Mississippians react to CDC’s double-masking recommendation

Recently, the CDC said that double masking can significantly improve protection from COVID-19. Researchers also said that double masking can block 92.5% of potentially infectious particles.

  Miracle or Myth? JSU virtual COVID-19 town hall focuses on vaccine effectiveness

Jackson State University is continuing work to spread the message about getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

1 in 477 Mississippians has died of COVID-related complications

The Magnolia State remains one of the worst hit by the virus with over 6,000 COVID-related deaths since last February.

Walmart vaccine appointments now available for Mississippians

COVID-19 vaccine appointments are now available at Walmarts across Mississippi.

  Nurses describe mental toll of caring for COVID-19 patients

Nurses describe what nearly a year of COVID care has been like and the toll it's taking on them each day.

  Health leaders push to inform minority communities on COVID-19 vaccine

Some elected officials believe accessibility to vaccination sites is a major issue and so is keeping the community informed.

  Vaccine rollout remains priority at Miss. Health Dept.

Dobbs noted “fantastic news” in a declining number of cases, but urged the public to keep up with wearing masks and avoiding social gatherings.

  Jackson media receive COVID-19 vaccinations

As one person commented to me on social media, I’d rather put up with some short term discomfort than deal with a ventilator or worse.

  COVID-19 patients describe lingering effects weeks after virus

Cognitive decline is a concern for some after being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

  Jackson leaders address racial inequities in vaccine availability

Jackson city leaders say they want state health officials to bring more vaccines into the African-American community.

Gov. Reeves extends nearly-statewide mask mandate by a month

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves extended the mask mandate in most Mississippi counties Wednesday.

  Local Black pastors receive COVID-19 vaccine as a way of leading by example

Black pastors are receiving their COVID-19 vaccine in an attempt to build confidence in the shot within the black community.

  MSDH breaks down latest with vaccine distribution plans

The demand for the COVID-19 vaccine is still greater than the supply, but the state is working to explain their decision making on the distribution.

  First in Mississippi: Breast cancer single dose radiation to reduce length of treatments

Less intense breast cancer radiation treatment is now available here in Mississippi.

Health officials give update on COVID-19

Mississippi State Department of Health officials are discussing the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Reeves: 15,000 new first dose vaccine appointments available

Gov. Tate Reeves says 15,000 new appointments to get the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine are now available in Mississippi.

  Miss. residents can now schedule 2nd dose vaccine appointments

The Mississippi State Department of Health announced this change on Thursday.

Biden opens ‘Obamacare’ window for uninsured as COVID rages

The regulatory changes Biden is asking federal health officials to undertake aren't likely to happen overnight because hastily written rules are more easily overturned in court.