Mississippi Weekend On The Road

  Brookhaven Little Libraries serve to feed the needy during coronavirus crisis

They are boxes where people can bring books to donate or take books they want to read. Now, they’re little grocery stores. If you see something you need, take it, and hopefully in a few weeks when you’re able, you can replace it.

  Lincoln County specialty tea farm finds niche for their product worldwide

  Monticello attorney gets videographer to build hype video to save local ballfield

Tradition-steeped Neshoba County Fair coming next month

  Haley Barbour reflects on notable folks from Yazoo City

  Mississippi Weekend on the Road: Fletcher Cox, Yazoo City’s hometown hero


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  Yazoo Co. farmer reflects on the Great Flood of 2011

MISSISSIPPI WEEKEND: Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches & Spooktacular Events in Jackson

  Three on the Road

  3 on the Road: Bienville National Forest

  3 on the Road: Lake Depot

  Three on the Road: Roosevelt State Park

  3 On The Road: Scott County poultry industry is critical to local economy

Scott County's economy can't be discussed without mentioning the poultry industry. It's an integral part of what many in the area do for a living.

  3 On The Road: The first puzzle piece of the spectrum

Don Triplett sort of shuffles nowadays as he crosses the lobby of the Bank of Forest to his desk.

  3 on the Road: Chicken Auction

Well after sustaining itself for four years now, every third Saturday of the month, seems like the auction has become a great success. Seems like most of the people are hobby chicken farmers. You know, back yard stuff. Some more serious than others.

  3 on the Road: Mr. D's Country Store

Arthur Davis was visiting his sons at Alcorn State University a couple of decades ago when he saw this building for sale in Lorman. At first he wanted to buy it and flip it for a profit. But instead he turned it into a restaurant.

  3 on the Road: The Oaks Museum

  3 on the Road: Merit Falls

  3 on the Road: MS Vietnam Memorial

3 on the Road: Sister Lucille

  3 on the Road: Grenada Lake

  3 on the Road: Forrest County AHS

  3 on the road: Mars

Our lives are measured by the movement of the sun and stars up above. The sun rises and starts a new day. Get enough of these in a row and it's a new week. At the end of the day the sun sets. Combine enough of these with sunrises and it marks a new month, year, or century.

  3 on the Road: Onward Store

Perhaps the most famous visit to Mississippi's South Delta happened in 1902. Back then it was a Presidential visit. And that visit over a hundred years ago is culminating with a new visitors center opening next year. Both of those events are perpetuating a Delta legend.

  3 on the Road: Tall Tomatoes

Whether you have a patio or a plantation, backyard gardening is one of the summer's favorite hobbies here in the South. We are poking around in the Smith's backyard in Pearl where Carla And Carey had been having so-so success with their tomatoes until this year.

Miss Mississippi provides economic boost for Vicksburg

3 On The Road has picked the perfect time to visit the River City of Vicksburg. It is filled with folks who come each year for the Miss Mississippi Pageant. There are signs of the Miss Mississippi pageant all over Vicksburg.

  Vicksburg breaks ground on sports complex, new company opens its doors on same day

The River City is celebrating a boost in economic growth. A new company officially opened its doors in Vicksburg and city officials break ground on a multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art sports complex.

  3 on the Road: Warren County

A little left of the lot that was here from way back, from way back in history and prehistory, all headed in an entirely new direction, nowadays.

  2018 Miss Mississippi Pageant kicks off with parade

A thunderstorm moved through Vicksburg late Monday afternoon but it did not rain on the Miss Mississippi Parade Monday night.  Along the route fans and supporters cheer for their favorite contestant.

  Tourism equals big business for Warren County

Tourism equals big business for Warren County and the city of Vicksburg is the heartbeat helping make that happen. Patrice Clark has more on how tourism is bringing in cash, crowds and changing the culture of the county. Welcome to The Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum.

  3 on the Road: Delta Day Lilies

Three on the Road is in a Delta backyard this week to take a look at a gardening hobby that exploded. That's what happened at John and Frankie Oswalt's daylily garden near Cleveland. We just got word that John passed away recently. So I'm really glad we got to meet so we can take look at the color he cultivated in his backyard. It will a part of his legacy for years to come.


There may be a lot of things that Mississippi "isn't". But one thing that we ARE, we are the "most generous state in the nation." Generosity is a part of what makes Mississippi Strong. And that spirit of generosity starts early in life, too.

  3 on the Road: Son of a Gun

Three on the Road takes us into the backcountry with a trip to where a movie is being made. And the subject of the movie is even more far-out than it's setting.

  3 on the Road: Paulding

Places come and then they go. Three on the Road takes us to what used to be one of the most influential towns in Mississippi. It's not much more than a crossroads today; Paulding in Jasper County.