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Prince George turning 6 as UK palace releases new photos

No prison time for man who had ‘nearly 200’ child porn images, videos

Animal shelter: Raid us instead of Area 51

Plane was already in the air; woman tried to open its door anyway

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Intruder gunned down after stabbing man’s father, police say

Man fatally shoots wife after mistaking her for intruder

Obama congratulates woman he once freed from prison for making the dean’s list

Baby born on 7-Eleven Day at 7:11 weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces

  A man stole a car with kids inside, so the dad and bystanders beat him to death, cops say

Florida woman posts never let a man ‘put his hands on you’ before fatally stabbing boyfriend, deputies say

First trailer for live-action ‘Mulan’ debuts during Women’s World Cup

Visiting city-dwellers have put a rooster on trial for crowing too loudly at sunrise

Man bites police dog during arrest, cops say

Study: Most Americans don’t trust the media while most Republicans distrust fact checkers

Walmart bans woman for eating half of cake, demanding to pay half price, police say

Megan Rapinoe accepts Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s invitation to tour House of Representatives

Feds expand recall on blood pressure meds